de Lune, Clair - Fiona's Two Masters [Prometheus in Chains 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

BOOK: de Lune, Clair - Fiona's Two Masters [Prometheus in Chains 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
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Prometheus in Chains 3

Fiona’s Two Masters

Fiona Stuart is running from her violent ex-boyfriend. When she stopped to visit her best friend she never expected to find love with Masters Alexander and Ruari Scott in a BDSM club.


Fiona's ex is determined to make her regret leaving him. He stalks her and attacks her but is thwarted in his first attempt to get her back by her two Doms. He tries again but he falls into a trap before he can harm her and is dealt some of his own medicine.


Fiona loves Alexander and Ruari but has not said it. She does not know if they can love her with her mental and physical scars, so she must face losing them. They have other ideas which will lead to a happily ever after.


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.


BDSM, Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre

23,537 words


Prometheus in Chains 3

Clair de Lune


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Prometheus in Chains 3


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Chapter One

I am safe,
Fiona thought.
At least I will be for the next couple of hours.
She followed Emma into the entrance foyer of Prometheus in Chains, and Emma signed her in as her guest. She and Emma had been friends for a few years. They had met at art college then become roommates in their second and third years. Emma had opted for designing clothes and Fiona for designing websites, and their ways had parted after college. Emma was one of the few people Fiona had managed to keep in touch with. She was a stunning girl, five eight and very curvy. She had large gray eyes and wavy, shoulder-length, blonde hair. She had a pleasant way about her, too.

Fiona looked around and was impressed by the quiet, luxurious elegance of the club. Prometheus in Chains was a mansion, standing in its own grounds, on the outskirts of Sheffield. It was surrounded by a high stone wall, and the only entrance was through the wrought-iron gates which led to a car park. Built in the nineteenth century, the facade was of mellow old Portland stone, and the house stood three stories high. In the centre of the façade, three stone steps led up to an imposing entrance, with stone columns flanking the double oak doors studded with black nails. To either side of the doors were floor-to-ceiling bay windows on the ground floor and elegant Georgian windows in the next floor. The attics were on the third floor. They were
previously s
ervants’ quarters and had skylights. They had been converted to a private flat where Prometheus, the owner, lived.

The cool marble floor of the foyer with its burgundy velvet curtains and dark oak panels spoke of quiet opulence. Stairs in the main club room led to five large private bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. They were all decorated in different styles, with luxurious furnishings in all but the medical and BDSM-standard playrooms. All were usually available to members with prior reservation but not always.

She had been in many clubs but never one as plush as this, and she wondered how Emma managed the fees. After all, Emma was only in her first job, even if it was as a designer for Curvy Woman, a prestigious lingerie company. She resolved to ask her how to become a member then remembered she would not be there long enough. She did not dare remain in one place for long, and this visit to Emma was a dangerous indulgence on her part.

She had so longed to see her friend, and she had not been able to resist the temptation to contact Emma as she was passing so close to Sheffield. Emma had been delighted to hear from her beautiful, redheaded friend. The years they had been apart, and all Fiona’s troubles had receded when Emma persuaded her to call in for a few days to visit and catch up. Fiona had been alone and isolated for so long, so she took a chance, and here she was.

They left their belongings in the locker room and then went into the main room. Once she went through the door, the familiar sounds of a BDSM club met her ears. She was impressed with the soundproofing, as the elegant foyer was quiet and peaceful. The slap of whips and crops on flesh, the moans and cries of subs, and the occasional scream as some lucky sub was brought to climax by his or her Dom made her close her eyes and breathe deeply. She had missed all this and the mixed smells of sweat and sex and spices. Spices that weren’t usual. What was it? Cinnamon and maybe lavender. Maybe the candles were perfumed. She felt safe in this environment. Emma had assured her that she had nothing to worry about.

The music was the usual heavy metal. It was Skinny Puppy, at the moment, and the beat seemed to reverberate in her bones. She preferred Black Sabbath and had always had a passion for Ozzy. Their album
was one of her favourites.

They went over to a group of people in various stages of undress, and most of what was worn left nothing to the imagination. They were not wearing collars either, like her, so it must have been the uncollared subs’ area. She sat and gazed discreetly about her, not wishing to catch the eye of any strolling Dom who might think her direct look a challenge. Doms might impose a penalty on her for doing so, and she had had enough pain to last her a lifetime.

Emma left her for a while, after introducing her to the others, and went over to talk to Master Eric. Emma had told her that he was often behind the bar, but his real job was as head of security. He had long, dark-brown hair pulled back into a lace at the nape of his neck. His eyes were wide set and gray-green with long, dark lashes. He was six four, well muscled, but with a trim waist. Fiona knew they had something going on as Emma wore his training collar. He seemed a pleasant enough Dom, but one could never tell. Someone who seemed pleasant could soon turn into a monster, as she had cause to know. Gordon, her ex-boyfriend, had been charming, to begin with.

A sub spoke to her, Jenny she thought her name was, and they started to chat. Jenny told her about all she knew about the Doms in Prometheus in Chains. There were the twin Scotsmen, Masters Alexander and Ruari. Their kilts and what, if anything, they wore underneath, was the chief topic of conversation.

Though these two seemed the most interesting to Fiona, she couldn’t help but notice some of the other Doms in the room and Jenny continued to fill her in. She told her that Master Rafael was odd. He was bi and would as soon take a man as a woman but did not tend to keep anyone more than one night. Master Torquil was a stern Dom and the Dungeon Master in charge of discipline. Jenny’s voice sank to a whisper as she indicated the column nearby and told how he’d tethered a sub there to be tormented by any and every Dom and Domme for an hour. Jenny shuddered in supressed excitement, but Fiona shuddered in fear. She well remembered how Gordon had tormented her on more than one occasion. Fiona resolved to avoid Master Torquil at any cost.

BOOK: de Lune, Clair - Fiona's Two Masters [Prometheus in Chains 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
7.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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