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He cooked a frozen pizza and chugged a beer. He was working
up the nerve to call her and apologize but he didn’t get the chance to prepare.
When there was a knock on his door he knew it was her before he even answered.
His heart started racing, his cock started dancing and his mind started
spinning. He couldn’t fuck this up again.



Then they just stared at each other. She nibbled on her lip
while he gripped the doorframe. He stood back but said nothing. When she passed
him, her eyes flashed sideways. He reached for her arm and stilled her.

Her chest heaved and she couldn’t seem to look at him. She
was as nervous as he was but the moment he closed the door behind her, he
kissed her. She was stunned for half a second until her body melted into his,
her arms wrapped around him and her tongue pushed gently past his lips.

He moaned at the feel of her tongue in his mouth and his
hands gripped and dug into the sides of her waist. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have
walked away like that.” He was talking between kisses.

“No. I shouldn’t have questioned you. I need you. I need you
here.” Her fingernails curled against his skin under the back of his shirt and
he pushed her toward the stairs.

“I like it the first way you said it.”

“I need you.”

“I need you too.” He was pushing her body back and she’d
taken the first step upstairs. He couldn’t stop kissing her and her mouth was just
as eager. The first step up put her just below his eye level and he stripped
her shirt off over her head quickly before he attacked her lips again. She was
already pushing his t-shirt up over his head too and she dropped it to the
floor behind him as he pushed her up another step.

She was wearing a pair of yoga capris and he peeled them
down her hips, leaving her underwear in place. It wasn’t as if he didn’t want
her out of those as well but he wasn’t in any hurry. He pushed her up another
step once her pants were around her ankles and he removed her slip-on hiking
shoes from her feet as she stepped out of her pants and moved up another step.

He unclasped her bra and pulled it from her arms. He dropped
his mouth to her uninjured breast and sucked her nipple into his mouth as she
moaned and ran her fingers through his hair. “Sit.” He spoke with her skin in
his mouth but he released his hold on her nipple as she sank down to sit on the
step two levels up from her. He’d gotten her halfway up the stairs already and
he intended to keep her here for a while.

Her underwear was sheer and white and he could see
everything under the fabric easily. He slipped his middle finger under the leg
opening and ran the back of his finger down over her sex. She whimpered and he
met her gaze, daring her to hold his eyes. Her brow flinched and her lips
parted as she quietly panted but she didn’t look away. When he slipped his
finger between the lips of her sex, he felt the silken moisture of her arousal
coating his finger and she cried out at the first contact he made with her

She whimpered when he abruptly pulled away and stood. He
stood below her on the steps and as he reached for the waist of his jeans, he
let his gaze travel every inch of her. She was seated with her legs open but as
his eyes invaded her, she started to close her legs.

“Don’t you dare.” He uttered it as his fingers deftly undid
his jeans and slid the zipper down. She paused, met his gaze for a moment and
then dropped her knees out wide again. She studied his hands as he slid his
jeans and underwear down his legs and then stepped out of them, abandoning them
on the step below him. When he was undressed in front of her, she zoned in on
his cock and he stepped up between her legs as she reached for his erection.

She leaned forward and he held his breath as he watched her
lips part to take him in her mouth. He wanted to watch every last move she made
but his eyes fluttered closed as the warm heat of her mouth enveloped him.

The deep groan coming from his throat was out of his control
and the slow thrusting of his hips was manipulated completely by the sucking of
her mouth. She pulled him, taking him as far as she could before releasing him.
He watched when she licked around the throbbing and engorged head of his cock.
She licked away the precum as it appeared and then kissed gently down the
length of his erection.

She pushed her hips forward on the step to sink her body
lower and she gripped his buttocks, pulling and holding him tight to her as she
sucked first one testicle and then the other. She cupped them, licked them,
taunted them until his dick was ready to beg for more attention. But she seemed
to sense his threshold and just as soon as he thought he couldn’t take any more
of her exquisite torture, her palm squeezed around the shaft of his cock and
her mouth slowly made its way back up to the head.

Her eyes peered up to him. “Lie back.” She let the cock head
fall from her lips as she leaned back against the steps behind and above her.
He climbed up her body, planting a knee on the step that supported her back.
His other foot was on the other side of her body on the same step and as he
used his hand to guide himself to her mouth, her hands reached up and gripped
his bottom.

He humped her mouth with a slow and even stroke, supporting
his body with a hand on the stair above her head and the other hand gripping
the spindle beside them. He thrust, watching his dick sink into her mouth as he
kept his eyes trained between their bodies. He was already dreaming of tasting
her pussy. Every time he remembered that sweet flavor she had his balls
tightened and his cock pulsed.

He was moaning. He was trying to stop but he couldn’t. When
he started saying her name over and over, it was in a desperate attempt to get
her to stop because he was beyond ending this. He wanted to come in her mouth
so bad he had visions of it in his mind, but as the sound of her name rolling
off his tongue became more desperate, her eyes flashed to his and she stilled.
He stayed panting over her body as she released him from her mouth and when he
could move again he slowly descended back down along her body and kneeled
between her legs.

Her lips were glistening and they were parted as she waited
for his touch. He pulled the fabric between her legs to the side and just
stared. Her legs were wide open and she was wet. He used his other hand to
stroke one very gentle glide from her clit to her entry. She shuddered and when
he reached her opening, he pressed his middle finger slowly into her as her muscles
contracted around him.

He pushed all the way to his knuckle and when he withdrew he
pushed in again with his index finger alongside his middle. He pushed as far as
he could and then curled his fingers as his knuckles grinded against the soft
wet skin surrounding her sex.

She cried out and he continued the back-and-forth movement.
When he started thrusting in and out as he twisted, her cries turned loud and
she gripped the edge of the stair at either hip. Her pussy was clenched and
tightened around his fingers and she pushed her hips down toward him. When he
leaned his mouth to her clit and sucked it harshly between his lips, her hips
bucked and she swore.

She instantly looked embarrassed but as he sucked her harder
she got over it. She started pushing and grinding against his mouth as her hips
moved and writhed against him. He watched her fall apart and she was moaning
his name when she came, gripping his hair with her fingers.

She collapsed back on to the stairs with her legs splayed
wide—one braced against a spindle and the other bent and dropped open. She was
breathing deeply as he moved up, letting his dick tease the wet lips of her
sex. She instantly tried to move her hips to line up with the head of his cock
but he stilled her hips with a firm hand to her belly that held her in place.

He licked her lips, waiting for her mouth to open and when
it did he slipped his tongue in. He wanted her to taste what he enjoyed so much
and he explored her mouth for a while as her hips wriggled. It was useless with
his palm holding her in place and when she became frustrated enough she spoke.
“Please.” There was little more needed than that.

“Turn around.”


She was nervous as hell now. Who wouldn’t be? If the bright
daylight sun filling the house weren’t enough, the large hanging light that lit
up the open entryway was enough to make anyone blush. She nodded and he
released the pressure on her tummy as she pulled herself up, turned around and
climbed up a stair. She was on her knees but her legs were closed and she was
upright. She knew that wasn’t going to get her anywhere but she was terrified
to move.

“Bend over and spread your legs.” Could she do this? Here,
now, with this gorgeous man watching her? As he watched from his place below
her body, she opened her legs to his view and bent over the stair in front of
her and he inhaled a deep breath and hummed his satisfaction.

She could feel her legs trembling and he climbed up behind
her and held her waist in his strong hands. He shushed her as she shook and
then he dropped a hand to his dick and used it to prod and nudge at her sex.
Katrina was touching herself again, waiting to feel that incredible sensation
she liked so much. But what she didn’t expect was to be called out on it.

“Why do you like to touch?” He was leaning over her body,
speaking in her ear. His free hand was on the top landing, gripping the edge as
he pushed so slow into her body it was torturing her.

“I don’t know.” She grunted quietly as she spoke and he
nudged slightly deeper.

“Yes you do. Tell me.” His breath was warm against her
earlobe and she shuddered.

“I like to feel it.” He wanted honesty? He was getting it.
She was powerless to deny him.

“You need your fingers to feel this?” He thrust deep and
hard to her core in one smooth invasive move that left her groaning.

“No! I like the way our skin feels.” She was whimpering as
she said it.

“My skin? Yours?” He was moving his hips with every word he
spoke and she was falling apart with every movement.

“Yes!” She cried it out this time. He was deep, painfully
deep inside her.


“What does your pussy feel like?” He stayed still inside her
body. He was refusing to move until she talked.



“Wet.” He could tell she was trying not to pant as she spoke

“Most definitely. What do I feel like?”

“Hard. But smooth.” He ground into her. “So fucking hard.”

“You like to feel it go in, don’t you?” He pulled gently
from her entirely, leaving her empty and trembling.

She seemed to be barely holding it together when she spoke
again. “Yes.”

“What do you like the most?” He held perfectly still for a
moment before inching past her entry slowly. “Do you like to feel my cock head push
past your pussy lips?”


She felt the pop as he inched forward with a quiet moan and
she cried out. “Or do you like the long stroke of my shaft as I push deep into
you?” He moved equally slow as he pushed toward her center and she moaned at
the tormenting pleasure.

“Or do you like that last impossible inch of depth as I push
farther than I have any business going?” He practically nudged her guts as he
sank deep, grinding his hips between her legs. He moaned through gritted teeth.

“Yes.” Her body was shaking and her insides were clenching
tight around him as she spoke.

“You’re going to have to share that experience with me next
time. Right now I’m going to fuck you hard and fast and you better brace
yourself or you’re going to get thrown into the step in front of you.”

He started pumping into her body, thrusting and retreating
harshly as she gripped a spindle in one hand and the step at her shoulder in
another. She didn’t need her fingers to feel the swift and deep penetrations. He
scorched her channel with every stroke, doing his best to bring her close to
orgasm before pulling her back from the brink over and over and over.

He was pounding so hard he was nearly lifting her knees to
the step above her. When he wrapped his arms around her waist, it was to lift
her body up the last couple steps and sink into her as he planted her on the
landing. Her chest was to the floor and she looked back to his foot braced
against the last spindle as he pistoned into her from behind at a violent pace.

She’d thought he was deep the first time they’d made love.
But this time he was so deep it felt as if he were crawling inside her body to
consume her from the inside out. She was damn aroused, she was still dripping
with need and his every swift and powerful invasion sent her just that much
closer to losing control.

“Oh fuck, Kat!” She moved her fingers back down between her
legs and let them touch his length as he passed into her body over and over and
over again and when she finally fell apart he did too.

He held still and deep as he came and she trembled and
whimpered as her knees threatened to give out. She eventually crumpled to the
floor as he did too. Lying on the man’s upstairs hallway floor wasn’t exactly
how she saw this thing playing out when she knocked on his door nervously but
who the hell was she to complain? She was panting like a dog and his chest rose
and fell against the side of her body as he relaxed.

“And here I thought I needed to take a run later.” She
smiled at his humor and he pulled her body so she was lying on her back. He
looked down at her, smiling gently as he met her eyes.

His gaze ran over her body, stopping at her mangled breast.
His brow flinched but he kept going. His fingers ran over her stomach and then
moved lower to cup her between her legs. Fuck, she was sore. That was
apparently just the name of the game with him but he’d hear no complaints from

She’d never had such amazing orgasms as she had with him. He
was generous with the pleasure he doled out and she was enjoying being the
center of his attention after months of pathetically lukewarm sex with Jason.
This man knew what he was doing.

BOOK: Conflicting Interests
8.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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