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“Talk to me,” he insisted.

“I don’t want you to stop. Not until I’ve come again and again. Then I want to please you. If that’s okay.”

“More than okay.” He sat up and dragged his shirt over his head. Kaleena feasted her eyes on his hard chest and traced it down to his navel. She couldn’t wait until he took off his pants so she could see what interested her the most about his amazing body. When he lowered the zipper and shoved the slacks over his hips, she panted. His cock, thick and long, jutted from his crotch toward her. She took hold of it and ran her palm up and down its length. Capturing the precome on her thumb, she smeared it around the head and dipped down lick it clean.

“Baby, baby, no,” he moaned. “Not yet. Damn, how can I resist those sweet lips wrapped around my cock? Just watching you drives me crazy. But no, I’m going to eat you again. I want you coming in my mouth and screaming my name.”


“Lie down, Kaleena.” He pushed her pack and raised one of her thighs. When he brought his teeth down on her ass cheek, she let out a small squeak, but he licked the stinging skin. Then he planted hungry kisses all the way up and around to her pussy. She squirmed, wanting more but so sensitive. Each touch made her nerve endings sing, and another orgasm began to build. Cody moaned against her pussy lips and drove his tongue inside her. He pinched her clit between his lips and tugged. She came unhinged. Her core muscles contracted, and she climaxed hard. Scratching at the covers and thrashing her head side to side, she cried out until it ended. When she was done, she struggled to catch her breath.

“Oh my goodness,” she said in a raspy tone. “I didn’t mean to get that loud.”

“Don’t apologize. I wanted to please you, and I did.” He touched her cheek. She turned her face into his palm and kissed it, closing her eyes. She didn’t mean for the movement to appear so intimate, so loving, so she pulled back and ducked her head. Cody raised her chin. He touched his lips to hers, and she tasted her own essence there. When he drew away, their gazes locked, and she thought she saw something in the depths of his eyes that couldn’t be true. He broke the connection first. “I want to get inside you.”

“I get to suck your dick,” she told him.

“You don’t have to.”

“I want it.” She gave him a glare and grabbed for her prize. Leaning in, she stuck out her tongue and gave it a swipe. Cody’s breath hissed between his teeth. She took the head into her mouth and sucked. His smooth, leathery skin turned her on, and she licked him from tip to base. She sucked at his ball sac, taking first one into her mouth, released it, and took in the other. Afterward, she worked her way up his shaft and fed it between her lips. She moaned, laving him all over. Loving his scent and the way he moaned, she gave a small nip to the sensitive skin and teased him by gently skimming her teeth over his cock.

Cody swore. “Suck it, baby. You’re going to force me to come.”

She paused. “That’s exactly what I want.”

She swallowed his cock and took it as deep as she could. The thick head touched the back of her throat, and she worked him in and out of her mouth. His shaft throbbed beneath every stroke, and she sucked harder. Cody chanted her name. He squeezed her shoulder and dragged her closer. He began moving his hips at an unhurried pace, driving his big cock in and out of her mouth. She moaned as she took it and didn’t stop until he gave a sharp cry and come flooded her mouth. Kaleena swallowed while Cody groaned and held himself still. When he was empty, he pulled out and raised her up into his arms.

“You’re amazing,” he whispered, his mouth in her hair.

She held onto him, her eyes shut and rested her head on his shoulder. Emotions choked her so she couldn’t speak. Cody opened her legs so she straddled him, and they sat that way for long silent moments.

“I’ll take you tomorrow,” he said.

She sat up. “What?”

“I’ll take you to get the tree and whatever else you want.”

She smiled. “Can we exchange gifts? You know you want to.”

He chuckled. “Fine. We will exchange gifts, but I’m not saying I’m excited about it.”

“You don’t have to. I’ll be bubbly enough for both of us.” She leaned back and grabbed hold of his cock. “Now how soon can I get this hard enough for me to ride?”

Cody’s eyes seemed to blaze, and his shaft twitched in her hand. He raised her off his lap and stood up. When he led her over to the chair in the corner, she followed along, not knowing what to expect but not caring either. Cody would make her feel good and bring her to another orgasm soon enough. She let him lead. When they reached the chair, he made her face it and bend across the arm. Resting her palms on the seat, she glanced over her shoulder. Cody stroked her ass cheeks and spread them.

“Do you know how beautiful your pussy is?” he asked.

Goose bumps broke out on her skin. “It is?”

“Yes, and I could look at it all day and night.”

“That’s because you’re dirty, and your mind is always on sex.”

“Are you complaining?”

She wiggled her hips. “No.” He dropped to his knees and kissed her pussy. She moaned. When he stood and took his cock into his hand, she held him off. “Condom.”

He swore, and she laughed. “I’ll get one.”

She ran out into the hall knowing where he kept the condoms in his room. When she found one, she hurried back toward her room but then returned to the living room. On the mantel over the fireplace, she’d left a Santa hat because she wasn’t sure what she would do with it. She grabbed it and headed to her room.

“Will you be my Santa?” The sultry voice and posing naked seemed to do it for him. Cody’s cock rose while he nodded. She sashayed over to him and plunked the hat on his head, handed him the condom, and then positioned herself over the arm of the chair, on her toes and ass in the air. “Fuck me, Santa.”

“How can I say no to that offer?”

After he put on the condom, he moved behind her. His gaze drank in the sight of her until goose bumps rose on her skin. She’d never felt so appreciated, so attractive. Instead of thrusting into her right away, he seemed to savor the moment, running his hands along her sides. He pulled her upright and kissed her shoulder before nuzzling her cheek.


“Shh.” He reached around her and turned her head toward him to kiss her lips. Their noses brushed, and Cody held her tight to him. “There’s something about you.”

“You said that before.” She dared not read into it.


She gasped, not sure how to take that one word, but Cody didn’t repeat it. He held her hips and thrust into her pussy. She moaned and pushed back to him. Gently, at an easy pace, he sank deep, until he filled her. They moved as one, a rhythm and pleasure that robbed her of the ability to analyze his desires.

“Take it all, Kaleena.”

“Yes,” she moaned.

“All of me.”

She cried out when an orgasm began to build. Cody cupped her pussy, parting his fingers around his shaft as he continued to thrust into her. He picked up the pace and began slamming it home. The sensations drove her to the brink of climax, and she hovered there. She wriggled her hips and grabbed the back of Cody’s thigh to drive him forward. The nails of her other hand scratched at the chair’s fabric. She screamed his name.

“I need it. I need it!”

“Yes, baby, feel it,” he demanded. “I want you to come with me.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

He shifted their position just a little to draw her knee up on the chair arm. She angled her hips, and Cody didn’t lose momentum. He plunged into her wetness, sending quakes to every corner of her being.

“You like that, Kaleena?”


“Do you want me to pump harder?”


Cody caught her clit between two fingers and played with it, tugging and massaging. His thick shaft disappeared up her channel at lightning speed, and even the slap of their bodies coming together took her higher. When the sensual waves began, she whimpered and dropped her chin to her chest.

“Mm, there it is,” Cody murmured. “Now, let go. Give yourself to me, Kaleena.

His release must have hit, because his voice went deeper, and he gave a powerful thrust and stayed buried inside of her. A harder pinch to her clit put Kaleena over the edge, and she came along with him. They panted together, her jaw slack and eyes closed. When she calmed down, Cody pulled out and lifted her in his arms. They moved to the bathroom for a hot shower together before falling into bed.


Chapter Seven


“This one. It’s perfect,” Kaleena exclaimed. She pointed out the tree she wanted, and Cody made the arrangements for its purchase. Pride didn’t keep her from arguing with him when he said he’d pay for the tree and all the decorations. Her funds were limited, and she was just glad he agreed to do this. On top of that, she didn’t think he appeared as grumpy about it as all the other times.

That morning they had awakened in each other’s arms and made love before getting out of bed. Kaleena waited for Cody to explain what he meant by “stay,” but he didn’t broach the subject again, and she was too scared to find out he didn’t mean what she thought. If he truly wanted her to live with him, then he needed to make it plain. But would she do it? As irrational as it sounded, she’d come to feel a long-term serious relationship for her was not in the cards, and giving in to it meant trouble. In her mind, she liked the idea of a man like Cody. In reality, it scared the crap out of her.

They hit store after store, even small gift shops where she discovered collectible ornaments. She chose cute little snowmen with felt scarves and real buttons for eyes, straw sticks that had been bent to spell the word
, and a bulb that looked like Santa’s belly with his red coat and black belt. Cody wandered over holding other small items.

“What about this one?” he suggested.

She took a look. “What is that?”

“A bison.”

“You’re kidding me. What’s this other one? A bale of hay?” She was about to tell him to put them back and stopped herself. This was his Christmas, too, and she wanted him to enjoy every part. Maybe seeing the weird ornaments he chose would give him happiness years from then. She grinned. “What the heck, let’s get them.”

He smirked. “See, I can decorate even though I haven’t done it since I was a kid.”

She laughed. “Uh-huh, sure.”

Cody hefted the tree into the bed of his truck, and Kaleena ran off to do more shopping. She wandered around stores looking for the perfect gift for Cody. A shop selling leather goods caught her eye, and she pushed open the door, a bell jingling overhead. The scent of real leather tickled her nose, and she looked around. The large journal with handmade paper drew her in an instant. Maybe Cody could do his ledgers or something for his business.

“Great choice, miss,” the proprietor said walking up. “If you like we can even have it engraved with the recipient’s name.”

She hesitated and glanced around. Did everyone in this town know Cody? Would it annoy him to have the people know she bought him such a gift? Then again, if he were that concerned, he would have tossed her out of his house. Everyone must know she was staying there.

“How soon can it be ready?” she asked.

“I can have it done by tomorrow afternoon.”


They headed to the register, and she wrote down the name she needed engraved on the front of the journal. The man peered at it, and his eyebrows rose.
So much for hoping he doesn’t know Cody.

He studied Kaleena, and she endured it for the moment. Of course, he had five seconds to move past who she was and finish the transaction. If he didn’t, she would give him an earful.

“You know, I can probably do a drawing down the bottom right here, of the entryway to Twin Falls Ranch.” He demonstrated on a piece of paper, flooring her with his talent.

“Yes! Do that, please.”

The man laughed. “You got it. I think Cody will enjoy this gift from the special lady in his life. Don’t you?”

She looked away. “I’m just a friend, but thanks so much. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Kaleena made a few more purchases and headed back to where Cody parked the truck. She opened the door, which he’d left unlocked and dumped her bags, not trusting them for the back. Cody must have dropped off a few things of his own, because she spotted a huge bag beside the tree. She started to reach in and be nosy, but a female voice calling out to Cody stopped her.

The little pixie from the night before posed not ten feet from where Kaleena stood. Kaleena glanced past her to see Cody walking along the street, hands in his pockets. He looked directly at the woman, and Kaleena’s stomach muscles clenched.

“How about my offer, Cody? We can have a lot of fun.” The sultry tone and beautiful face and figure had no doubt brought more than one man to his knees. Kaleena gritted her teeth and fought to keep her expression neutral. She had a feeling she failed miserably, but Cody hadn’t looked in her direction yet.

When he drew close to the woman, Kaleena and the skank both gasped as he strode right by without a word. Kaleena froze when he stopped in front of her and removed her hand from the bag in the back of the truck. “Get out of there. You don’t get to look yet.”

She blinked at him. “Cody, did you hear—”

“Let’s go, or are you not finished shopping?”

She licked her lips. “I’m done.”

He opened the door for her, and she climbed inside. While Cody strode around to the other side, she searched for the woman. She hadn’t moved but stood frozen to the spot, mouth hanging open. When she caught Kaleena staring, she scowled and pivoted on her heel to flounce away. Kaleena couldn’t help feeling sorry for the woman. Cody didn’t have to be so harsh, but then again, maybe at the party he’d told her no. None of them liked losing a man such as him.

He settled behind the steering wheel of the car and turned over the engine. She studied his strong hands, his firm jaw, and those amazing eyes. He wasn’t wordy, and he kept his own business. She imagined he’d satisfied the sexual itch when the mood struck and bet he made it clear there would be no relationship. The funny thing was, he’d never said as much to her, not even a hint.

BOOK: Christmas at Twin Falls
12.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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