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There were boxes inside, dusty and old. Curiosity got the best of her, and she pulled them out one by one. It was past mementoes from his parents, including boxes of old photographs. As Natasha looked through images of Beau and Cody growing up and of the family together at birthdays and holidays, she reminisced. She recalled one fourth of July picnic at Twin Falls when she was growing up. She found so many amazing photographs that she had a great idea. She gathered stacks of the best, the ones she could save, and rushed upstairs. Natasha showered and dressed in the clothes she wore the night before.

She’d do all the prettying up later at her place, but for now she had an idea for the perfect Christmas gift for Beau. Natasha got into her truck and drove down the icy driveway. At her house, she pulled on her apron and went into her dark room where she had her set up and graphics computer. If she was lucky and she got it all done today, her completed gift could be overnighted in at least twenty-four hours—just in time for Christmas morning.

Before she knew it, it was well past two, and she cursed beneath her breath. She’d spent extra time trying for perfection and was behind. She hit send for her final product and then took another shower and packed an overnight bag. She never took his ATM card. Instead she preferred to buy the things for dinner herself. She grinned and did her happy dance before heading outside and locking up her home. Beau Everett was finally her guy.

She did the shopping and got back to the ranch at four thirty. The skies were already getting dark as evening set in early in the winter months. When she walked into the kitchen carrying bags, Beau was sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee.

“I thought you baled on me and I had to head into town and get you,” Beau said.

She passed alongside him and bent to give him a quick kiss before putting her bags on the counter. “You can’t get rid of me that easily. I went home to do a bit of work, something I forgot, and time got away from me.”

“Holiday work, some lucky bastard is getting some boudoir photos for Christmas, huh?” He grinned. “Is it me?”

She winked at him. “You never know. Now what’s this surprise?”

“Put on your warm gloves and coat. The horses are already saddled and ready to go,” Beau said.

“Riding?” Natasha said curiously. “I heard the snow’s going to be coming down pretty hard later on.”

“We have until midnight or later, trust me. I’m a Wyoming boy. We know the weather.” Beau stood up and held out his hand. “Well, pretty lady, do you want to see your surprise or not?”

“Try and stop me.” She put her hand in his.

Beau gave her a hard kiss before she bounded up the stairs to grab her gloves and scarf. She was back downstairs in a flash and ready to go.

“I haven’t been on a horse in forever, so let’s take a slow,” she said as they stepped outside.

“Darling, I’ll take as much time as you want,” Beau drawled. “I saddled Beauty for you. She’ll get you there, and I’ll make sure your ride is slow and easy.”

She got his double meaning, and it gave her a tingle low in her belly. She hoisted herself up on Beauty who was a gorgeous chestnut gelding, and he did the same on his horse. She followed him out the back fence to the trail covered in snow. The horses moved easily, and even though it was cold, she enjoyed the ride and looked around curiously as they ascended into Cloud Peak Mountain. Night made the sky turn from light blue to a dark blanket with stars as diamonds. There was no fear about getting home. Beau was one of the best trackers around. Natasha wondered where they were going until she saw the glitter of lights in the trees and candles on the rocks.

“What’s all this?” she asked in amazement.

“It gets better,” Beau called back to her.

“How did you get these lights to work without power up here?” Natasha asked.

“Battery operated, honey. Everything has batteries lately,” he said.

They went on through an outcropping of rocks, and Natasha felt the area get warmer. What she saw next made her gasp in delight. Steam rose from water in a pool surrounded by rocks, some flat and wide as a bed. The high rocks of the mountains caused a natural buffer from the wind and snow, and insulated the warmth of the hot springs. In Wyoming the cavern in Cloud Peak Mountain where the hot springs sat was like a tropical oasis. Beau had managed to hang more lights off the rock, and by the pool sat a basket that held a bottle of wine and other goodies. In other words, Beau had created something magical just for her. She was so enthralled that she didn’t even notice that’d he’d gotten off his horse until he came over to stand beside Beauty.

“Want to take a dip?” Beau asked softly.

“How did you…?” Natasha looked down at him with a smile. “I never knew this was here.”

“No one does, sweetheart. This is on Everett land, a closely guarded secret.” Beau helped her off Beauty and pulled her into his arms. “Not even the ranch hands know it’s up here. Me and Cody actually keep it hidden creatively.”

“It’s amazing, so very beautiful, and you made it just perfect,” Natasha breathed.

“For you. I’ve never done this for anyone else,” he said softly, looking down at her.

“Well I’ve always heard those Everett boys are charmers. I guess you just proved the rumors right.” She stepped away and pulled her gloves off and began to strip, sending his a coy look. “Are you just going to stand there or join me?”

“Oh I’m joining you.” His voice was gruff with need.

She stepped naked into the hot spring pool, gasping in pleasure as the warmth ran up her feet to her body. The water was past warm but not so much so that it was painful. The water came up to her waist, and the rocks were smooth on the bottom of her feet as she walked farther into it. She crouched and sighed as she used her feet to push off the flat stone bottom and swam the length of the small pool.

“Oh this is marvelous,” she cried out.

His arms came around her waist, and he brought her naked body against his. “No, you are. Watching you step into the pool was like watching a water nymph going back to her home.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck. “I didn’t know you were so eloquent with words.”

“For you I would write a sonnet, m’lady.” He kissed her neck. “You taste so much better than I ever dreamed.”

“You dreamed of me?” Natasha asked and broke off with a moan. Oh his mouth felt wonderful on her skin.

“Always, I’ve woken up so hard and aching for you that I knew once could never be enough,” Beau said. “I’d have to have you for the rest of my life.”

“You can have me forever, Beau. That’s all I ever wanted,” Natasha said longingly. “Take me, Beau. Make me yours.”

In the heat of the water, he claimed her lips, and nothing could compare to the flame he created inside her. Their eyes met, and Natasha lost herself in his blue-green. It was like being pulled by some invisible cord toward him. Everything in her life was pulling her inextricably to Beau and this moment in time.

“I want to see every ounce of pleasure on your face.” His voice was deep and sexy.

Their lips met, her eyes closed, and Natasha made a soft sound of pleasure. She felt his cock pulse against her thigh. He pulled her closer, and Beau deepened the kiss until every nerve ending in her body screamed his name and begged to feel them joined completely. He broke the kiss, and with lips barely a millimeter away from each other, it was like sharing one breath, suspended in time. With his forehead against hers, he buried his hands in her wet hair, and she purred as he nuzzled her neck.

“I want you so damn much.” Beau said the words on a moan. “You feel so perfect in my arms.”

“I need you, Beau.” She pressed kisses onto his face until he kissed her savagely.

A groan escaped his throat as they both succumbed to the desire that raged through them.
If the water weren’t already hot, we’d make it boil,
Natasha thought, and as quickly as it filtered through her mind, it left. His taste, his masculine smell, it was all about Beau. Their clothes were long forgotten. The Christmas lights and candles danced across the surface of the water and along the ripples of water they caused. He lifted her into his arms and stepped from the pool with ease before he placed her on a thick blanket he’d spread out on the flat rock near the water’s edge. Her passion emboldened her, and Natasha pulled him down for another kiss, and she slipped her tongue into his mouth. His moan of pleasure vibrated from his body to hers.

Beau changed their positions easily until she lay across his body, and she traced his calf with her toes. Natasha shivered as his hands moved from her hips to trace the dip of her back. He ran his hands down her thighs and pulled her legs apart to straddle him. She gasped as his hands roamed and massaged her body while her sex was open and ready to accept his cock. He was rock hard and throbbing against the warm sensitive flesh of her pussy. She undulated against him to tease him to take her. He groaned and took control of the kiss, burying his fingers in the thick tresses of her hair while devouring her lips.

He tore his mouth away from hers. “Jesus, I’ve wanted you for years, and now I have you in my arms, it seems so unreal.”

She looked into his eyes. “I’ve been in your arms in my dreams many nights, and this is so much better.”

Her hands roamed over the strong contours of his shoulders. He filled his hands with the smooth chocolate globes of her breasts. Natasha moaned as she arched into his palms.

“Jesus, I have to taste you,” he said gutturally. Beau buried his face between the twin mounds. “Do you like how my hands feel on you, the way I touch you?”

“Oh, yes, Beau,” she whispered.

She took control and pushed him back with her hands on his shoulders. She licked and kissed her way down his body. His cock was already hard when she settled herself on her knees between his legs. She felt his eyes on her. The anticipation of her touch seemed to still his breath in his chest. She ran her hands down his rock hard stomach. When she took his cock in her grasp and stroked, his breath hissed out. Beau’s hips rose in time to each touch of her hand fisted around his rod.

Natasha bent low and took the head of his shaft into her mouth, and a low agonized moan left his lips. She took him deeper between her lips, and she felt him shudder. Natasha could taste the salty bite of his precome on her tongue. “Damn, I can’t stand it,” he said and pulled her roughly against his chest. He took her lips in a hunger filled kiss. He slipped his hand between their bodies to her pussy and found her slick and wet. He slid his two fingers deep inside her. Her body bucked against him, and a cry tore its way from her throat.

“That’s it, that’s what I want to hear. Say my name when you come,” he growled.

She straddled his thighs, and he spread her legs wider to get more access to her snatch. He pushed his fingers deeper. “You are amazing to watch, so beautiful,” he said. Natasha arched her back in enjoyment. She panted and braced her hands on his shoulders as pleasure swirled through her.

“Ride my fingers, darling,” he coaxed her softly.

She felt his finger circle the sensitive nub of her clit in between the pink folds of her pussy.
With every movement, she felt herself get more aroused and slicken with her own juice. She was unable to stop the tiny moans that escaped her parted lips.

“I’m going to come.” Natasha’s voice held urgency and almost a plea for release.

“Say my name. Let me hear my name on your lips while you come,” he bit out harshly.

“Beau, oh God, Beau, yes,” she cried out and shuddered.

He pressed his digits deeper inside her and pulled her close so he could take her hard nipples in his mouth. Her orgasm crashed though her, and she came with a scream. While her body trembled, Beau didn’t wait for her to catch her breath. He buried his cock inside her to the hilt and began to move urgently.

“Oh fuck,” he said through gritted teeth.

Natasha wanted to bring him as much pleasure as he’d done for her. She began to move, writhing and undulating in a sensual dance. His fingers were deliciously clenched into the soft flesh of her hips, and he pulled her onto his shaft with deep purposeful movements. Their pace increased until a sheen of dampness formed on their bodies and not the warm water of the hot springs. He cupped her breasts and took her nipples into his mouth, feasting on her until she was like a piston, urgently riding his cock.

She kissed him fiercely. “Come with me, Beau. Don’t let me go alone.”


He thrust upward to meet her frenzied movements. The harshness of their breathing and the echo of their cries bounced off the rocks and mixed with the sound of trickling water. He pounded inside her, taking her higher than she had ever been in her life. Her name was a harsh primal cry wrung from his lips, and she called to him as her vision blurred when her orgasm took hold. He didn’t stop. Beau moved inside her over and over again until he drove her to a second release. She fell against his chest, depleted of all her strength. Beau wrapped his arms automatically around her, and she was cocooned in his loving embrace.

“Damn, I could die right now and be happy,” he murmured and lay back against the blanket.

“I don’t even want to move.” Natasha sighed.

“Not even for this?” He reached down and brought a piece of rip fruit to her lips.

“Oh, but if you’re feeding me then why should I move?” she pointed out.

“Good point. I’ll feed you, and you lie there just looking desirable,” Beau replied. “Then after, I’ll make love to you again.”

“Oh that sounds like a plan.”

He put a piece of bread and cheese to her lips, and she bit into the soft morsel. There was something to be said for a hot springs oasis nestled in the middle of a wintery wonderland. More so because of the man she was with. He made it perfect.


Chapter Four


“Let’s go ice skating,” Beau said impulsively. “Mrs. Sims’s place.”

She raised he head and looked at him in surprise. “Beau Everett, did you really just say let’s go skating?”

Natasha was lying across his lap, and he twirled her hair idly as they watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. He felt like a new man after only days of letting go and embracing the holidays and Natasha. Beau realized that he was just living day-to-day, year-to-year but not really living. One uncomplicated relationship to the next, working with the horses, buy and selling and bringing new foals into the world. Watching winter turn into spring and the pastures awash in yellow flowers, watching the new foals trot by with their mothers or helping Cody take cattle from the winter grounds or branding new calves.

BOOK: Christmas at Twin Falls
12.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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