Cameron, Paige - Commando Cowboys Desire Their Queen [Wyoming Warriors 8] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Polyromance)

BOOK: Cameron, Paige - Commando Cowboys Desire Their Queen [Wyoming Warriors 8] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Polyromance)
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Wyoming Warriors 8

Commando Cowboys Desire Their Queen

Lonato Rexford and Hakan Connor are instantly attracted to Kira Bevyns. She tells herself she is too busy for men in her life. She is fighting to save the tribes' people from whoever wants to poison them. But Hakan and Lonato persist.


It becomes necessary for her to tell the leaders and later the tribes that she can shape-shift. When they see her flaming bird, they call her the Flaming Beauty and think of her as their queen.


Rex and Hakan are stunned, but continue to pursue her and help her fight the enemy. It takes them and many others to conquer the evil man and the bad witch. When Rex is injured in the battle, and fears he'll lose his ability to operate, he pushes Kira away.


No matter what, Hakan is determined they'll marry her. Rex has to change. Can Rex become the man she deserves and be part of their threesome? Kira and Hakan believe he will.


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among cousins.


Multiple Partners, Paranormal, Western/Cowboys

57,588 words


Wyoming Warriors 8

Paige Cameron


Siren Publishing, Inc.

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This last book of the Wyoming Warriors series is dedicated to all the readers who have read my books and especially to the ones who contacted me and told me how much they liked this series. I’ve enjoyed writing the Wyoming Warriors series, and I look forward to writing more. Thank you for your support. Regards, Paige Cameron.


Wyoming Warriors 8


Copyright © 2013

Chapter One

Wakanda Bevyns, better known as Kira, strode into the crowded emergency room. Dr. Lonato Rexford followed her. She wished he’d gone to see his patients. He was a distraction, and so was Dr. Hakan Connor, who stood at the ER desk.

Dr. Jack Talisman came out of a nearby patient room. “I’m glad you’re here. We have a total of twenty-four people who’ve been poisoned. Everyone involved was at the party after your sister’s wedding. No new patients have arrived in the last thirty minutes. I’m hoping this is the end of it.”

“How are they doing?”

“We’re giving smaller doses of the medicine with the antibodies to see if that and their natural immune system will take care of the poison’s effects. It’s only been about four hours since the wedding reception and they’re doing better. Their numbers on the most recent blood tests have stopping rising and are beginning to gradually lower. I suspect they got a much smaller dose than our other victims.”

“Do you fear that we may have another attack and need more medicine than we have left?” Kira asked.

“Yes. Ellen and her group of scientists haven’t had time to prepare a surplus of the medicine to cover everyone. We’re using what we have in a prudent manner, so as not to drain all our resources.”

Kira glanced at Dr. Rexford. “We need to go up to the lab and give another pint of blood.”

“I can do that, but you’ve given too much already.”

“I’ll be all right, if I eat afterwards and rest. I’m going to suggest Ellen take a pint of my blood and give me a pint of yours. You may need a transfusion.”

“If so, which I doubt, my father will donate. Let’s go.”

She walked toward the elevator with him. “Has anyone told you how bossy you are? You and Dr. Connor are similar in that respect. I’m surprised you two get along.”

“I’ve been told numerous times. Hakan and I are cousins and have been friends since we could walk.”

“I see being called bossy didn’t clue you in to change.”

“I like being in charge.”

“So do I.” They got on the elevator. When the doors closed, Kira’s body reacted to their closeness. Her awareness of his large, muscular body and his intoxicating scent of woods, musk, and spices heightened. He towered over her, and from the slight curve of his mouth, she knew he was aware of how he affected her. She stepped farther away and heard a chuckle.

“I don’t see anything funny about this situation.”

Rex leaned forward. His breath blew across her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

“You know exactly why I chuckled.”

“If you’re playing games with me, beware, I don’t play nice.” Relief swept over Kira when the elevator stopped and the doors opened. She walked hurriedly down the hall to Ellen’s lab.

Ellen greeted them. “I hate to take more blood from you two.”

Kira explained her plan. “Since the crisis appears to be slowing, this will give you time to work on producing more medicine containing the antibodies.”

“Good idea.” She led them into the donor room. “Kira, you lie on the first bed, and Dr. Rexford can get on the second one.”

“Maybe he could lie on the one across from me. I see you’ve set the room up for four donors.”

“Yes. I didn’t know what to expect, so we added a couple of beds. But your suggestion is fine. Is that all right with you, Doctor?”

“No.” Rex sat on the closest bed. “This makes more sense for you. We’re close together, and you can stand between us.”

Ellen glanced from one of them, to the other. “Whatever. We need to get started.” She gave Kira a puzzled look and a smile before hurrying out to get her equipment.

“Good try, but I’m staying close.”

“Do you have to have the final word every time? You are so annoying.”

“You left the elevator before I had time to say that I don’t play nice either.”

Kira gave him an exasperated look. His expression didn’t change. It was a relief to turn to Ellen and watch as she put in the needle to collect Kira’s blood.

Then she connected another IV line between Kira and Rex. “I want your blood replaced immediately. You’ve given way too much lately,” Ellen said to Kira. “I know your blood is compatible with Dr. Rexford’s. You didn’t have a reaction from the transfusion of his blood the first time.”

When Ellen had the procedures started, a nurse came into the room and sat at the corner desk. Ellen hurried to her lab.

“Whether you like it or not, you now have a part of me.” Rex smiled.

She was taken aback. He was handsome without smiling, but when he did fully smile, her heart jumped and heat raced through her veins. Looking at the blood flowing into her arm gave her an odd sensation, as though they’d forged an alliance she might not be able to break.

Silly. It’s a blood transfusion, nothing more. And yet I feel the warmth of his blood in my veins, and his strength flowing into me.

“Are you all right?” A worried expression had come into Rex’s eyes.

“I feel stronger. I’ll be fine.”

He closed his eyes for a minute, giving Kira a chance to study his body. She suspected he worked out. He was well built.

Slow respirations brought her attention to his wide chest, and then her eyes noted his flat abs and lean hips. He had long legs. He must be at least six foot three or six foot four
His golden-toned skin and his longish, black hair glistened in the overhead light. When she looked at his strong face, his gray eyes opened.

“Are you through giving me the once-over?”

“I wasn’t paying any attention to you. My thoughts were elsewhere.”

“You’re a pretty liar.”

Her cheeks felt hot. She turned her head away from him.

“And your blush adds color to your lovely face.”

“Hush, I want to rest,” Kira said. He did, but she wondered what he was thinking and planning.

After a long silence he added, “Hakan was right about you. You will be the perfect wife for us.”

She was irritated that his gorgeous body and his words had made her hot with desire and by the arrogance of his certainty. She stared over at him. “My mother said you weren’t good enough for me.” For a second, she was almost certain she saw a flash of hurt deep in his fascinating eyes, and sometimes, like now, they changed to a silver-gray. She suspected it was the one part of his body where he couldn’t keep his emotions from showing. She started to say something, but he looked straight at the ceiling.

Rex held his jaw tight, then finally he relaxed. “Your mother said, for now I wasn’t good enough. No one has ever been so rude to me. But I’ll work on winning her over.” He turned his head and held eye contact with her for several seconds. “You can protest all you want, but I see the desire in your eyes and smell your scent of arousal. You’ll be mine, and Hakan’s, and be happy about it.”

“And you are the most impossible, arrogant, annoying, distasteful man I know.”

He laughed out loud. Ellen, who’d been walking in, stopped in her tracks. He surprised Kira when his austere persona changed into a warm, handsome, captivating man. He was more dangerous then she’d thought.

* * * *

Rex studied Kira as Ellen removed the IV lines from her arm. Her long, golden-red hair caressed the rich, creamy skin along her neck, around her shoulders, and the waves rested on her lush breasts. Her misty purple eyes reminded him of the pansies his mother planted every spring. When her body responded to him, her flowery scent permeated the air, a touch of roses with a hint of exotic musk.

His cock throbbed with an ache to be inside her pussy, and his hands clenched at the thought of caressing her full breasts and tasting her nipples. He sat on the side of the bed, but was in no shape to stand just yet. Not when his unruly cock pulsed hard against his restrictive jeans.

“Hello.” Daren breezed into the donor room. “I see Ellen’s been busy bleeding you dry.” He grinned and hugged Ellen.

“Let me go. You are a rascal.” She smiled and pulled out of his arms. “This blood can’t wait.” Ellen walked briskly out of the room.

“Mitch asked me to check on things here at the hospital. He’s talking with our warriors. The ER is quieter, and one or two of the first to arrive have been sent home.”

“That’s good news.” Kira tentatively stood. Daren moved close to give her his arm.

A flash of jealousy shot through Rex, surprising him. He’d never experienced that emotion before, not with any other woman.

Daren happened to look across at him at the same moment.

“I see you like Kira,” Daren said, a mischievous grin on his face.

“I like her all right, but she’s like a hornet. She can sting fast and hard.”

Daren and Kira laughed. Daren helped Kira to a chair and standing beside her turned where he faced both of them.

“If you’re up to it, Mitch wants you two to come with me to the main ranch house. We’re having a meeting to try and put together any information that’s been discovered about our enemy. We have to get this person or persons soon, before disaster strikes.” Daren sat in the chair by Kira. “He or she may know we have a limited supply of medicine made up with the antibodies. If the next strike is stronger and hits a large group, we’ll lose many of our people.”

“I’ve been thinking the same.” Kira glanced at Rex. “Rex and I are at the outer limits of giving blood. We have to let our bodies recover. The enemy is smart. I’m afraid a worse attack is imminent.”

“Kira, are you able to leave now? I’m fine.” Rex came to her side.

“If Daren will let me lean on his arm until we get to his truck, then I’ll do all right.” She threw a sassy look over her shoulder at him.

“It will be my pleasure, my lady.” Daren made a theatrical bow.

Rex followed them out and to the elevator. She might have won this round, but they were only beginning.

* * * *

Kira glanced around the conference room. The room was packed with people. She saw her parents, Dr. Jack and Hakan, Nanna, Mother Aileen, Elle and Pruet, and all the leaders, along with a number of others, including many warriors. Daren walked to the front table, and Rex put his hand on her back to guide her to the seats Hakan had saved for them.

The simple touch of his warm hand had her heart beating rapidly. She tried to walk faster to get away from his touch, but he kept in step with her. When they got to the seats, Hakan rose and pulled a chair out, seating her between him and Rex. She didn’t want to sit here, but it would appear rude for her to resist at this point.

BOOK: Cameron, Paige - Commando Cowboys Desire Their Queen [Wyoming Warriors 8] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Polyromance)
8.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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