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Bred by Her Cowboy

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Bred by Her Cowboy

Jillian Cumming

Lily had no warning when the men came. They showed up wearing
bandanas under their broad-brimmed hats. Three of them, all with
shiny silver Colt revolvers. They could have taken everything. They
could have killed her entire family.

But the
men didn't. They'd burst in through the rickety front door that her
Pa had never got around to repairing. They held her brother and Pa at
gunpoint in the corner while one of them went right to her small
bedroom and found her cowering under the bed.

Lily felt
some amount of embarrassment for herself as she bumped along in the
darkened stagecoach. All the windows were covered, but from the way
the wheels bounced around, she knew they had to be on some old path.

She cursed
herself silently.
You're a woman grown, and you hid under your bed
like you were some sort of little girl

hadn't even allowed her to change out of her nightgown into something
more suitable. The first couple hours, while it was still dark and
cold out, had been awfully chilly.

the fact that they hadn't bothered with any good old fashioned
robbery made her even more frightened of them.

are they gonna do with me?
She thought then of the small stack of
books she kept hidden in her closet. They were all about one thing:
women getting kidnapped.

swallowed. She knew what was going to happen. This trio of brigands
was going to take her to their lair. They'd be rough men, with a few
days of hair on their faces and dirt under their nails. She squirmed
on the bench, her body suddenly hot.

they'd take from her what they wanted. Would they all go at once? Or
would they be all organized-like and take turns having a go at her
fresh, young body?

swallowed. No man had taken what he wanted from her yet. She squeezed
her thighs together.

late at night when she knew her family slept, she imagined what it
would be like. It made her get wet between the legs to think about
while lying in her bed. Once, she'd dared to slip a finger down
between her lower lips. She'd found something stiff there: a little
button on her body that sent shocks of pure pleasure through her at
the slightest brushing touch.

stopped when she heard someone rousing in another bed.

Her cheeks
flushed as she thought about the men. She hadn't seen them very well.
But they'd all been big, with deep chests and broad shoulders.

Were they
big in their trousers, too? A voice in her mind hoped they were.
Something told her it was better, the bigger the man was in his

The brigand driving the coach yelled.

She heard
the crack of the rains. Lily had to grab the bench to keep from
falling over as they lurched to greater speed.

It was
dangerous to drive a coach that fast. Something had to be wrong out

swore outside. Her ears burned as she recognized the word.

jerked at the shot of a gun. Shafts of light suddenly appeared over
the bench across from her. The bullet had punched holes in both sides
of the coach.

More guns
fired. Lily screamed, hunkering down on the floor of the carriage
with her hands over her head. The bullets poked more holes in the
carriage. A horse screamed in agony, its voice far too close to human
for Lily's sensibilities.

big and heavy thunked down on the coach's roof. It bulged in

realized it was the driver. He bellowed after another round of
gunfire. Then he rolled off the roof, the indentation shifting with
his body.

The coach
jerked to a halt. Horses whinnied outside, but otherwise all was
silent. It took Lily a few moments to work up the courage to take her
hands off her head. She went onto her hands and knees, not caring
about how that stuck her bottom into the air. Trying to hold her
breath, she pressed her face against one of the holes made by a

Her eye
widened. One of the masked bandits remained. He and a new man in a
long brown duster and eyes so blue she could make them out from the
coach squared off with each other.

both dismounted, and were sizing each other up. The bandit's fingers
curled and uncurled an inch or so from the grip of his holstered
Colt. The new cowboy seemed calm as stone.

killed ma boys," the bandit spat.

The cowboy
nodded matter-of-factly. Watching him made Lily's mouth go dry. That
wetness that came when she thought about men and what they did to
women filled her sex, threatened to drip out onto her thighs. She had
to resist the urge to hike up her nightgown and touch herself.

boys were scum, and they died like it, too," the cowboy said.

bastard!" The bandit screamed.

The bandit
was fast. So fast that Lily barely registered how quickly his hand
grabbed out his revolver from its old leather holster and thumbed the
hammer back.

But the
cowboy was faster. The report of his pistol filled the land before
the bandit could bring his gun to bear.

curled from the barrel of the cowboy's pistol as the bandit keeled
over. He shuddered on the ground for a moment, then lay perfectly

The cowboy
emptied the spent casings from his gun onto the ground, and began
reloading the drum of the pistol with fresh bullets from his belt.

can come on out now, miss. I ain't gonna hurt ya."

Lily found
herself shaking as she reached up to grasp the latch. She pushed the
door open, squinting at the sudden brightness that flooded the

She tried
to get out. Then her eyes fell on the man the cowboy had just shot.
There was blood. So much blood. Her sense of balance left her, and
she began keeling over.

Then his
arms were around her, holding her up.

there, miss. Go slowly. No rush, here. Name's Wyatt."

She put
her hands at the back of his neck to hold herself up. His arms felt
so hot and hard around her body. They felt like arms that could crush
the life from her with little effort. But at that moment, they held
her up with a shocking gentility.

Able to
open her eyes again, she saw how close their faces were. The bit of
stubble on his face looked good. The wetness between her legs
increased as an incredible shudder shot up her back. All she could
think about was what Wyatt had hidden in his trousers.

Lily... Thank you so much for savin' me, sir," she said.

She knew
how much she had to be blushing. Again, she felt like a little girl
who'd just read her first romance.

family went and told the sheriff right away. His deputy came out and
asked me to keep an eye out for you. When I saw how the windows were
covered on the coach, I knew right away. Now, why don't you hop on my
horse and we'll get you back home?"

He began
straightening, but stopped when she didn't let go. He looked into her

somethin' the matter, Miss Lily?" Wyatt asked.

I wish there was some way I could repay you for savin' me..."
Lily said. She glanced down at his lips, then back into his eyes.

He watched
as she licked her lips. His arms tightened around her for a moment.
He glanced around, then looked back to her.

Fear and
worry boiled in her stomach. She thought he was going to insist on
taking her home right away. There was such heat between her legs, and
her whole body felt electrified.

One of his
hands moved up from her back. He held the back of her head. A moment
later, he leaned in close and kissed her. Her fingers moved up to his
hair, knocking his hat from his head. Warm waves seemed to pulse from
her lips down into the rest of her body as their mouths pressed

Then she
felt his tongue poke into her mouth. Their kiss deepened. Still
holding her up, his other hand moved down her back to cup her bottom.
He squeezed her hard. The strength of his grip made her moan.

Her hips
started grinding against him almost of their own volition.

Then he
picked her up and carried her into the carriage. He sat her down on
his lap, facing him. The front of her trousers bulged with the hard
thing he kept hidden in there. She rubbed her sex against that bulge,
wishing there were no clothes between them. Her wetness dripped out
of her.

been with a man before?" Wyatt asked, pulling her head back so
he could kiss her throat. His kisses were scratchy, but she liked the
mix of sensations it brought up in her.

never. But I want it. I want it so bad sometimes. Just thinking about
it makes me all hot. It makes me all wet between my legs..."

His bulge
throbbed against her as he listened. Unable to hold himself back, he
grabbed the bottom of her nightgown and pulled it up over her head.
She sat on his lap in nothing but her shift. Lily unbuttoned his
shirt, putting her hands on his bare chest even as her hips gyrated
on him, making her sex wetter and his bulge harder.

She felt
the walls of her passage swell and throb, and she could think of
nothing but her desire to feel that hard shaft of his sliding inside
her, getting wet and glistening with her juices.

hot kisses made their way down her neck. His stubble scratched at her
soft, pearly flesh, leaving it a hot red. His lips found their way
between the twin swells of her breasts. His hands moved up her bare
stomach. She sucked in a breath, letting her mouth fall open, as he
squeezed the firm flesh of her breasts.

nipples responded to his touch, stiffening. When he noticed, he
pinched at them.

His hands
felt so hot as he slid his fingers under her shift. He let his
fingertips run along around her nipples, sending little sparks
through her body.

Then he
pulled her shift off, and replaced his fingertips with his lips. He
sucked on each nipple until they both turned a bright red.

So much
wetness had leaked out of her by then that she'd soaked the layer of
cloth covering her sex.

continued massaging one of her breasts, while sucking on the other.
He moved his free hand down her stomach, letting his fingertips trail
along her body, exciting her skin to pebble with gooseflesh. His
tongue kept wrapping itself around her nipple. His mouth felt so hot.

She moaned
when his fingers slipped beneath her undergarment, finding her lower
lips sopping and warm for him. His body shivered under hers as he ran
a finger into the soaking slit between those lips.

Lily screamed, pulling his mouth harder against her breast as he
pushed a finger up into her and began rubbing. He pushed it up until
it bumped against her maidenhead. He played with that thin layer that
marked her innocence, testing it with his fingertip, pushing at it
until it almost broke.

continued moaning his name. She wanted so badly for him just to break
it, to make a real woman out of her. She'd gotten so wet around his
finger that she could hear her wetness as he pleasured her.

worshipped her body, trying to feel all of it. When he finished
squeezing her breast, he cupped her by the bottom again, pushing his
fingers under her undergarments to caress her bare cheek.

me," she begged him, "Take my body. I need it so bad,

down onto your knees," he said, stroking at Lily's face. His own
face had flushed with blood, and he panted as though out of breath.

Lily did
as she was told. Wyatt undid his trousers, putting his gun belt onto
the floor of the carriage beside her with a clunk.

Then he
pulled out his manhood. Her eyes grew wide. It was so long and thick,
much bigger than she'd even imagined back home in bed. The flesh of
the purple head was so taut that she could see her reflection in it.
A small, pearly bead of liquid formed at the very tip of it as his
manhood trembled. She looked a question at him.

hold of it," he said.

wrapped both hands around his shaft. He groaned at her touch. She
felt another shiver shoot up her back as she felt his manhood throb
hotly in his grip. Even holding it like she was, more than half of it
remained untouched. Experimentally, she pulled down. She gasped as
the skin pulled down on the hard shaft and Wyatt moaned.

your mouth on it and suck," Wyatt said.

He grabbed
the back of her head and pulled her forward, but she needed no
coaxing. She had to open her mouth until her jaw ached to fit that
big head between her lips.
Will this fit in me?
She wondered.
Her tongue touched the bead of liquid. It tasted salty. She licked it

hips jerked, driving his member deeper into her mouth. Her lips
stretched around it. Saliva kept squirting into her mouth, and she
laved it onto his pulsing shaft with her tongue.

BOOK: Bred by Her Cowboy
3.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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