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ix months later Gracie was lying in the arms of her new husband while snuggled in front of the fireplace. She glanced up at him. His eyes were closed, and his head was laid back against the arm of the couch. “Any regrets?”

He squeezed her shoulder
, and without opening his eyes, he replied, “Nope, what about you?”

She grinned and returned her gaze to the crackling fire in front of her.
“Just one.”

His eyes opened
, and he lifted his head. “And what is that?”

She slid her legs over his and straddled his hips. “I’m not going to be able to work by your side now.”

He placed a kiss on her lips and moved to her neck. “I thought your dad was okay with it. Did something change?”

She nodded.
“Sort of.”

His lips
abandoned her neck. “I’ll talk to him.”

Gracie shook her head. “I’m afraid he’s not going to listen.”

He leaned back farther in the cushion. “Why?”

“You know how the lab has been constantly testing my blood

A frown formed on his lips
, and his voice deepened. “What’s wrong, princess? What did they find?” He soothed his palms up and down her back. “Whatever it is, we’ll deal with it together. Just tell me.”

leaned her forehead against his. Her words came out a whisper, a shared secret between her and the man she loved. “I’m pregnant.”

His eyes widened
, and his lips parted. “It’s not possible. They must be mistaken. I was told…”

She smiled. “You were told wrong.” She
placed tiny kisses down his neck. “Either that or the injection somehow affected my DNA, giving us a miracle.”

God… I’ve got to call Brody.”

She raised her brow. “Why?”

Ridge chuckled. “He was told the same thing.” Ridge pulled her into his embrace and pressed his lips to hers, smothering her with his love. “I love you, Gracie Connors.”

She slid off his lap
, took his hand, and pulled him off the couch. “Show me.”


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Chapter 1

Brody shouted as he ran passed Tara chasing after another man dressed in camos. Her mind paused not expecting him to demand what she’d remembered he’d used on her last night in her dreams. “Focus, Tara.”

She shook her head, unable to shake the sexy images that flashed through her mind.

He glanced over his shoulder and halted to a stop, turning he sauntered back over to her stopping in front of her. He chuckled and lifted the string of condoms she’d conjured from thin air. “A woman after my own heart, but as much as I like where your mind was heading….this wasn’t quite the restraint I was looking for.”

Heat flooded through her body, undoubtedly flushing her cheeks and giving him the same reaction she’d been giving him all afternoon. Why she couldn’t keep her thoughts from straying into the forbidden territory was beyond her. The whip cream had literally been the icing on the cake; especially when Brody squirted some first in her mouth and then filled his. She threw her hands up in the air. “That’s it. I’m not cut out from this crap.”

She spun on her heel and trampled back through the bushes and trees toward the compound. The daily drills and training were useless, under pressure she wasn’t anywhere near ready to be useful to anyone out in the field fighting for their life. Now if someone needed a pizza or apparently condoms she was your girl.  

Brody caught up to her and threw his arm around her shoulders. “I know what you need…”

“To get the hell out of this town.” She answered as she emerged into the open field.

“Not likely darling. You need a good old fashion roll in the hay. The
kind where you’re so warn out your mind quits working.”



Here is yet another sneak peak from a project I’m currently working on,

Tentatively titled “Deception.”



Chapter 1



Undercover FBI Agent, Lexi Carrington threw the bastard up against the wall and pinned him to the concrete, making his head hit with a thud. “Listen here jackass.” She leaned in closer pinning her body against his as she pressed her forearm deeper into his throat. “I’ve got you on a whole slew of charges that guarantees you’ll never see your freedom again in this lifetime. Do you want me to add resisting to the list?”

The middle aged drug king narrowed his eyes to slits and if looks could kill she would have been dead on the spot. Adrenaline rolled through her veins giving her
more strength than she thought possible. These were the moments she lived for, when she could take scumbags like him off the streets and out of mainstay society.

“You’ve got nothing.” He spat out. His saliva spewed from his lips hitting her in the face. “When I’m done with you, you’re the one that’s going to be paying me restitution for battery, baby.”

She applied more pressure to his neck but not nearly enough to cut off his air supply like she wanted. “Oh honey…I’m not you’re baby, but I’m sure your big tattooed jail mate wouldn’t mind you calling him that.”

His lips pulled in a fine line as his gaze ran over her face landing on her lips as he
gyrated his erection into her stomach.  “Little girls like you shouldn’t play with fire, unless you can take the heat.”

Her lips pulled into a half smile knowing this was the last time he’d ever be close enough to cause her or anyone else pain. “Good thing I’m not a little girl.” She raised her brow. “You’re not big enough to strike the match much less stroke the fire.”

Two uniformed officers flanked her on each side pressing, the notorious mob boss, Felix Constanza even harder into the wall. “We’ve take him from here.”

Hesitating she balled her fist debating one more shot at the smug bastard when firm muscular arms wrapped around her from behind pulling her back against a
hard chest. Her last option to inflict additional pain on Constanza was stripped away from her grasp in an instant. 

“Calm down half pint. You nailed the bastard; why don’t we let him live long enough to let the other inmates play with him in prison. I’m sure in no time at all he’ll end up being someone’s bitch.” Garret Donavan’s familiar voice travelled down the hall and earned them both another threating
look from Constanza. A smile formed on her lips as the tension drained from her neck. “I’m going to let you go now.” He leaned in and whispered. “Now be a good girl and don’t hit me.”

She turned as he loosened his grip. “I wouldn’t hit you. I’m not sure your ugly mug could stand another black eye.”

He chuckled. “Now that’s my girl.” He threw his arm around her shoulders and started pulling her down the hall. “Have you changed your mind about letting me go on vacation with you? I’ll be a good boy and sit in the corner and limit my drooling over that hot little body you keep hidden behind your baggy clothes.”

“In your dreams, hotshot.”
Lexi shrugged his arm off her shoulders and turned the corner to her office bumping and bouncing off of with what felt like a brick wall.

“Pardon me.” Billionaire Trip Hathaway grinned as his arms snaked out to catch her before she unceremoniously ended up on her backside. His baby blue eyes twinkled and his brow creased as he pushed her fake black strands out of her
face and sifted them through his fingers. Pushing against his chest, she regained her balance and his hand dropped down to his side. “I’m not usually this clumsy.”

Her gaze traveled the length of his shiny large black dress shoes to the fine lines of his pressed suit pants and up to a face she’d seen often enough on the cover of financial magazines and some not so friendly tabloids.

His pictures didn’t do him justice, not that she’d tell him that. Her mind clouded with an appropriate response; too stunned that the playboy was at the FBI headquarters, She’d seen his type, knew his style, and understood his manners; growing up in a similar lifestyle, one she’d chosen to leave behind. The big difference was he was a man that oozed of charm and grace and with his magnitude of sex appeal; he had oodles of woman swooning to dig their nails for a piece of him if the tabloids were to be believed. And those were just a few of the assets she severely lacked. No charm, no graze, and no need to have someone as sexy as him getting in the way of her work. She shook her head and waved her hand. 

“Don’t sweat it.” She left him standing there and turned into the doorway to her office. Bending down to pick up her gym bag, she glanced over her shoulder and caught Garrett’s gaze plastered to her backside. Standing she threw the bag over her shoulder and turned pointing to her face. “Eye’s up here ace.”

Garrett’s lips curved at the corners as he didn’t waste her time with any excuses, just a simple shrug as if she should have expected it. “Do you know who that was in the hallway?”

Someone that looked lost.” She tilted her head. “Although I must say, I almost didn’t recognize him without the gold diggers on his arm.” She shrugged her shoulders. “He must be having an off day.”








BOOK: Betrayal (Phantom Protectors Book 2)
6.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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