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Not wasting a moment, taking full reign to my invitation, he started caressing my breasts while sucking on my nipples like a starved newborn. “Let me taste your honey, Butter; climb on top of my hungry mouth.”
Within seconds I was sitting on top of his face as ordered. I was grinding on his mouth slowly as the feeling was making my whole body tingle. “Oh my God this feels so good!”
“I see you like that.” He lifted his head up bringing all of my pleasure to an immediate halt. “Well I'm about to take your smooth body to new heights.” Lifting my limp body up, I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist ready to experience pure sexual bliss. At this point it wasn't about the money; it was about chasing this nut.
“I'm so ready.” Any type I could get from this fucked-up world was welcomed.
Marie couldn't compete with Butter in any way imaginable. Her smooth skin, intoxicating smell, and mysterious attitude made me crave her in the worst way. Every time I snuck away from Marie, I ended up between the legs of another woman. Cheating on Marie wasn't hard; I didn't love her in the first place. Everything about my marriage was business; this right here with Butter was pleasure.
Sitting her body down into the water, I slid in with her instantly rubbing my hands all over her again. The more I touched her, the more she moaned and ground back. Our sexual chemistry was off the charts. Leaning down, kissing her stomach, she lifted her midsection up to my face letting me know she wanted me back kissing between her thighs. Sitting her up on the side of the Jacuzzi, I dined on her without remorse while hearing my cell phone ringing from my blazer jacket pocket.
I screamed at how far he stuck his tongue inside of me. There was no holds barred. Jay was touching my G-spot with his tongue making me splash water all over the place but the feeling was sensational; I loved it. This white boy sure knew how to eat some pussy. “Oh shit, Jay, yes! I'm gonna cum!” The harder I ground myself on his face, the harder he grabbed my hips keeping me from lifting up. Jay was working like he wanted every last drop. He seemed hungry for this cat. Feeling my body tense up before cumming, I ran my fingers through his thick brown hair making sure he didn't tease me out of my moment.
Coming up for air, he took a handful of water, rinsing my juices from around his mouth before leaning in to kiss me hard and rough. Moving his mouth down to my neck sucking a hickey on me almost instantly, I felt my coochie starting to tingle again, ready to come back out for play. “Your pussy is so warm and sweet.” He slid his finger back inside of me, finger fucked me roughly, and then slid it inside of my mouth. The water was splashing all over the place but neither one of us cared.
“Now let's switch so you can suck this nut out of me. I saw how you worked that bottle in your mouth at the club earlier.” As I got down into the water, Jay pointed his stiff, hard dick into my face. Staring at the rounded mushroom, I licked it first then gobbled it down with the intentions of making him cum quick.
He literally fucked my face, grabbing the top of my head as he relentlessly rammed his manhood down my throat. I didn't lose a beat of rhythm. I could suck dick with the best of 'em, ya better believe it! The only sounds that filled the room were his moans, my slurping noises, and, annoyingly enough, both of our cells ringing off the hook. Mine was probably Shawntay. His was probably some wife or girlfriend highly irate that he was unreachable. As his body began jerking, the grips on my head got tighter. I knew what time it was so I created a vacuum suction with my mouth sucking every drop of nut out of him.
He gonna pay big for this head job.
“Come on, let's retire to the bed.” He pulled his now semi-limp dick from my mouth as I swallowed each drop. Climbing out of the water, leaving wet footprints across the room, I sprawled out on the bed as directed. “Turn over on your front,” he commanded. Feeling oil dropping on my back, I started to feel his big hands massaging my neck, shoulder, back, and legs. Starting to grind my body into the bed, I was so turned on I was begging for more. Kissing all over my body, I lifted my booty in the air as he placed soft kisses on it too. I felt a vibe and connection with him that was unexplainable. My inner thighs were sticky as my body almost went limp from creaming all over the sheets.
Within seconds his hard dick entered my pussy. I arched my back to willingly accept the obvious pounding he'd worked up for me. As he smacked my ass while giving it to me doggie style, there was a thin line between pleasure and pain but I refused to back down as I wasn't a stranger to either of the two. Jay was paying close attention to my body; and I was more than loving it. I tried to look back but my face was pushed back down into the fluffy pillows. There was no limit; I'd never had anyone completely control me in the bedroom. This was the one place I could usually dominate someone. I'd been trained since a child to take hard dick like a pro, so I was gonna ride tonight 'til the wheels fell off.
“Flip me over,” I called out, finally able to catch my wind. I wanted him to hit it from another way, dig my guts from a different angle.
Doing just that, this white boy had strength. Flipping me over by my leg, he wasted no time digging his tool back into my spot. “You liking this, Butter?”
“Oh my God yes, Jay! You feel so good.” Panting, feeling another orgasm coming on, this man was sexing all of the tension out of me effortlessly. It's like he knew just what to do. I spread my legs wide as they would go and dug my nails into his back, pulling him deeper inside of me. The pressure was in my stomach and as soon as his bare dick nutted, his sperm would be there too. “Give it to me, daddy!” Squeezing my vagina muscles tightly, once his eyes rolled into the back of head, I knew he was whipped on the feeling of fucking something so juicy raw dog.
That was the wrong thing to say. He pushed me up against the headboard, ramming it all the way in. “Take this dick then. Open them legs up wider.” Yelling, starting to turn into a madman, I wasn't fazed or scared 'cause most men went ballistic over good sex. The wider I opened my legs, the deeper he stroked me, making my body respond to him with back-to-back orgasms.
All night long he gave me the business. Position after position, porno after porno, fantasy after fantasy, we turned each other out. We had sex all over the bedroom, the sitting room, the marble foyer floor, and finished up in the shower. My head was a mess, my liquor buzz was still flowing, but I needed a Kush blunt badly for the icing on top of the cake. Sliding down under the sheets, my breasts brushed against Jay. “Can you hold me?” I usually made it a rule to never cuddle, get close or connected to John Does but I wasn't ready to leave Jay just yet. There was something special about this guy, something calming that made me want to be around him.
“Come here,” he said, pulling me close. “I need to wake up to some of that good pussy to send me off right to my business meeting; stay.” I allowed him to wrap me up tightly in his arms before drifting off to sleep.
“Butter. Wake up. Butter!”
Feeling Jay shake me, I was sleeping hard, caught up in a dream about my father. I'd been having more and more of him lately but didn't know what they meant.
One day, when I was a little girl, he'd come over my grandmother's house, his mother's, with bags and bags of clothes just for me. There were pink lace dresses, sailor boat outfits, barrettes, Barbie dolls, and even nail polish for me to play in. He'd seldom come but when he did, I never got this special treatment. I felt like a princess off of TV, all 'cause of my daddy.
“Get up off the floor in your new pretty dress, child!” My grandmother came in yelling with her milky white face balled up in a knot.
“Sorry, ma'am.” I jumped to my feet, afraid of the switch.
“What did I tell you about wallowing on the floor, Shannon?” Her stern face dared me not to remember the line she made me recite one hundred times each time I messed up.
“To act like a lady, not like a monkey.” I hung my head low realizing at a young age I could never please her.
“Wow, Ma, that's what you're over here teaching her? She'll be part of this family more so than you think.” My father laughed, setting down his beer. “Come here, Shannon, sit by me on the couch and play with your Barbie dolls.”
I looked toward my grandmother who was giving him the evil eye but wouldn't dare give up the chance to be close to my father. I always watched him walk into my grandmother's house in a suit and tie, set his briefcase on the table, and hand her a sealed white envelope before finally patting me on the head. I would always be sitting at the breakfast counter eating fruits waiting on my grandmother to give me my next calculated move. She never let me go anywhere or do anything in her house without standing by my side. She called me a thief ; I never stole a thing. She called me a liar; I was never allowed to speak. She'd whip me for being bad; I didn't have anyone around me doing good.
“You're gonna send me to the grave early!” She stormed out of the room cursing both of us to hell.
After that my daddy became my knight in shining armor. Not only did he make sure to have a present each time he saw me, but his visits were regular so I was seldom alone with my evil grandmother. She would still pick me up in her big white Cadillac alone but by the time she dunked me into the first bath my dad would be walking in. I hated my mother and Sally but would look forward to seeing my daddy. He made my childhood so bearable. I couldn't take any of my presents home but those few hours I played as a princess at my grandmother's was worth it.
Every night I'd have the same dream then wake up with a bittersweet smile on my face. This time I was waking up to something different.
Chapter Nine
My daughter had every valid reason in the world to hate me. Hearing her curse me out then hang up every time I called was starting to take a toll on my recovery. Feeling my legs starting to shake, I began chewing my lips trying to fight the sudden hunger I had to quench my thirst.
Just one sip. It'll take the edge off.
I'd been clean for years but hearing Shannon tear me down taking me back down memory lane had me feeling weak.
You've come too far to go back. Don't let that devil's liquid touch your lips.
I was completely torn. Shannon said all of the triggers I needed to revert to my old ways of being a drunk, a druggie, and, most of all, a disgrace. I used to rush her off to her evil grandmother's house so I could have a few hours of peace with my drug of choice. It didn't matter if she came back with hours of horror stories, lash marks from getting disciplined, or pissing like a race horse because Sally tried to flush the black out of her; I wished Shannon gone twenty-four hours of the day.
“Mommy, can we play? None of the kids will share their toys with me.” Shannon came in with a beet
red face from crying.
“Naw, Momma busy. G'on in that room and just imagine yourself playing.” I shooed her from in front of the television screen not caring that another group of girls had bullied her. “You might as well get used to these nappy
headed girls showing you their asses, Shannon. None of them have long hair, bright skin, or pretty eyes like you. So they ain't gonna never want you as their friend! Get used to it, girl.”
No matter how I dished reality to Shannon, she took it without blinking. Back then I was too far gone in the mind to realize I was truly poisoning her mind to the point of no return.
Tossing and turning, wishing she'd answer my calls, I couldn't sleep a wink throughout the night praying, wishing, and hoping God would give her the strength to forgive me. I'd been calling, texting, and leaving voicemails all night but I was sure she was more than busy following in my footsteps living fancy free and wild. Looking at the picture of her I kept inside of my Bible, I touched it gently, afraid that I might tarnish it too, then prayed for God to work a miracle.
Shannon's spitfire attitude came from my side of the family. She thought I was trying to judge her lifestyle when in reality my pleas were more so warnings. I knew firsthand what this lifestyle was gonna get my baby; and I was the main reason to blame for her choosing this way of life. This was how I trained her up to be. I was more than familiar with the path she's going down because it's the same one I traveled that ended me here. My walk with the Lord started because my decisions made me sick. I had no one else to turn to but Him and He forgave me like preachers always said He would.
I couldn't go to the grave without at least fighting tooth and nail for my daughter's forgiveness. My past had become her demon so I felt it was my duty to save her from the belly of the beast. Nothing I was doing was working. She'd turned her back on me the same way I'd done to her for so many years. The only person who could save her was the main person who wished me nothing but strife for her creation: her father. Getting up from my knees, closing my Bible from the book of Psalms, I grabbed my car keys, rushing out of the house toward the estate my child and I had been barred from.
“Beth, calm down! I've been trying J.T.'s cell all night. He isn't answering for me either.” Having a strong, tall glass of whiskey, I was going to lose my mind between my wife and daughter-in-law using me as a ploy to try to reach my son. If my gut served me right, he was laid up with some hot-tail colored girl getting served up. My boy was a Schultz man so I knew his desires ran thick. Beth knew the truth too but refused to be the bad guy in breaking Marie's poor little heart. Besides, if their marriage crumbled, I was sure our business collaboration with the Dilberts would too. “I know what you're thinking, Beth. I'll try again.”
“You better! Marie is on a warpath and the last thing we need for her to do is call her father complaining about J.T. not coming home. Get a hold of your son, damn it! I know how that poor girl feels.” Beth hadn't screamed this loud since seeing a picture of Shannon on my lap at Sally's. Back then she raised the dead; today's pitch might've brought down Jesus Christ Himself.
“What do you want me to do, Beth? He's not a little boy I can throw over my lap or threaten to hold a trust from anymore. That's a married man.” The one part that went unspoken that was surely known was that I was the one who'd introduced J.T. to cheating in the first place. Just how my dad had done me.
“Exactly, James, hence the keyword ‘married.' He must stay that way. You can play that innocent game with me like you don't have any influence over your son but we both know better. If you want to die a rich man like you've been living securely since he married our wealthy partner's daughter, I suggest you wheel your DNA back into the program.”
The doorbell rang out.
“Call your son now, James. That should be Marie and the twins.”
Shaking my head, hitting redial, I really didn't want to call my son to be a hypocrite but of course Beth had great points. Our company might've got invested in many years ago, but since then Stan had taken over more interest in our business plus a substantial amount of growing investments within the city. He was now far more valuable to us than we could ever be to him, which meant J.T. had to make Marie happily ever after.
“James! James Theodore Schultz III, hurry up down here now!”
“I'm coming, Beth!” I couldn't hang the phone up fast enough speeding down the stairs. J.T. hadn't answered anyway. Hopefully there wasn't nothing wrong with Marie or those precious grandbabies but from the way Beth had screamed something was terribly wrong. In my old age, my brightest moments were spending it with them when my pretty young brown thang was busy. Getting to the end of the stairwell, expecting to at least hear the little pitter-patter of Josh and Jill's feet, instead I was greeted by a cold, hard slap to the face.
“Well hello, James Theodore Schultz III.” Shawntay Jenkins stood on the other side of my door clutching a King James Bible. I thought I was seeing a ghost.
“What in the hell is she doing at our house?” Beth went to smack me again but her arms were caught in mid-swing. “Have you been slumming again, James?”
“Beth, calm down. I don't know! Let me get to the bottom of this.” Marching toward the door, I thought for sure I was getting ready to catch my first case. “Shawntay, I've told you never to come here. There's no reason for you to be on my doorstep, especially since Shannon is over eighteen. I have never owed you shit but definitely not now.”
“Tell her ass to get on from here, James, or I'll call the police on her for trespassing!” Yelling like a madwoman with the phone in her hand, I knew Beth was serious but the phone call wouldn't harm me in no way. I'd paid my debt to Shawntay and Shannon, every cent of child support ordered.
“Tell your wife if she calls the police I'll be giving them a reason to come,” Shawntay threatened. “I may be a woman of God now but I came to raise hell about my daughter, something I should've done over twenty years ago!” Taking a brief moment to take Shawntay in, no longer was she dressed like the cheapest streetwalker Detroit employed. Her once droopy red eyes, alcoholic breath, and horrid weed smell had been replaced by bright, angry eyes, a God-speaking tongue, and the will not to back down.
I guess you can teach a dog new tricks.
“Your time has come and gone, Shawntay. The only leverage you had with me was Shannon and she's grown now. Any responsibility I had to that girl died the day she turned eighteen. I'm going to ask you one final time: please leave and never bring your ass back around here.”
“NaNa, PawPaw!” Josh and Jill were running up the walkway with Marie close behind.
“Wow, PawPaw, really? You ain't even play father to one of your kids but now you're playing granddad to two others!”
“What? He don't owe you or that Oreo kid of yours nothing more!” Beth screamed at Shawntay. “Yes, police, can you please send a squad car to 21766 Hummingbird Lane? There's a trespasser on the property refusing to leave.” By now Marie had a twin in each arm running into the living room to keep them from the unknown drama unfolding.
“I don't even know what I expected by coming here,” Shawntay mumbled under her breath. “Look, Shannon is tough as nails out in these streets but she's gonna need someone to turn to once everything in her life comes tumbling down. And even though your racist, ugly, low self-esteem having–ass wife is against it, you're Shannon's father so it's your duty to be that for the rest of her natural life. She told me how you stuck up for her as a little girl when Sally was picking on her, so I figured that somewhere in that ice-cold heart of yours had to be some love for our baby.”
I knew Beth was steaming hearing that I'd even been around Shannon. But when she was a little girl I was intrigued by the definite features of mine she had. I could tell she was a lot like me from her timid personality, wandering eyes, and how shaken she would be from my mother's voice. I was the same when I was a child; that's why I made it my duty to protect her from what ruined me at her age. But our father-daughter relationship went no further. “I don't think none of that will be happening, Shannon. You two have been dead to me. I am with my wife on this one; charges will be pressed if you don't get off of our property!” Trying to slam the door, I wanted Shawntay to crawl back under whatever rock she'd just crawled from under.
“Your wish will come true sooner than you think. The grave you've been digging for me since the nineties is almost six feet deep.” Shawntay dropped her head, seeming weaker than I'd ever seen or heard her. Over all the years of her cursing me out, I'd never heard her voice so low. “I was diagnosed with HIV-AIDS a few years ago. I only came here to ask you to help patch up my and Shannon's relationship before I die.”
BOOK: Around the Way Girls 9
12.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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