Angel and the Flying Stallions (13 page)

BOOK: Angel and the Flying Stallions
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The Pony Club Secrets series:

1. Mystic and the Midnight Ride

2. Blaze and the Dark Rider

3. Destiny and the Wild Horses

4. Stardust and the Daredevil Ponies

5. Comet and the Champion’s Cup

6. Storm and the Silver Bridle

7. Fortune and the Golden Trophy

8. Victory and the All-Stars Academy

9. Flame and the Rebel Riders

10. Angel and the Flying Stallions

Also available in the series: Issie and the Christmas Pony

(Christmas special)

Coming soon…

11. Liberty and the Dream Ride


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BOOK: Angel and the Flying Stallions
5.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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