After the Fall: Close and Confined (Taboo Erotica) (Eden Harem Book 1)

BOOK: After the Fall: Close and Confined (Taboo Erotica) (Eden Harem Book 1)
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After the Fall: Close and Confined
Anya Merchant

Copyright © 2015 by Anya Merchant

All rights reserved

Kindle Edition


This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons is entirely coincidental.
This work is intended for adults only. It contains substantial sexually explicit language and scenes that may be considered offensive by some readers. None of the characters engaging in sexual conduct in this work of fiction are under the age of 18, legally unable to give consent, or related by blood.



This book is long form erotica. There is PLENTY of hot, steamy, taboo action, but due to the nature of the premise and my own verbosity, it’s not until several chapters into the story. The tension and buildup is a large part of what makes these sequences powerful, but I also realize that sometimes, you just want to get to the naughty bits :-P. I’ve added in a
Sexy Cheat Sheet
at the very end of the text and you can get to it from
. It won’t spoil any of the plot, other than revealing the numbers of the chapters that contain sinful, forbidden love encounters.





“A couple more explosions would have been nice, but yeah, it was good.”

Jack turned the handlebars on his bike to the left and cut a meandering turn across the empty night street. His friends, Jason, and Mitch, were on their own bicycles on either side of them. The three of them were on their way back from the movies after watching the newly released sequel to one of their childhood classics.

“I really liked the female lead,” said Jason. “Though I wished that they would have let the shower scene go on for a little longer, instead of making it such a fucking tease.”

Jack laughed and let his hands drop from the bike for a moment as he balanced with just his legs. It was past nine, and the sky above them was surprisingly bright and vivid, with the moon sharing the stage with the stars. Usually, the combination of smog and light pollution in their area made it look empty.

“I can’t really disagree with that.” Jack smiled. “She definitely did have some nice, uh, proportions. What did you think, Mitch?”

Out of the three of them, Mitch had always been the quietest. He was looking up at the sky too, and pulled his gaze back down to the group as he thought about Jack’s question.

“It was good.”

Jack nodded.

Short and sweet, that’s Mitch for you.

“I thought the woman who betrays, what’s her name… Kim?” Jason scratched his head and then shrugged his shoulders. “Dude, she looked just like your stepmom!”

Jack opened his mouth to respond and then held back.

He probably didn’t mean anything by it. The two did look a lot alike.

“Yeah, I noticed that too,” said Mitch.

There was an awkward silence in the air. Over the course of the past four years of his high school career, all the way up until he’d graduated at the start of the summer, Jack had endured sidelong comments about Rebecca, his stepmom. She was 35, heavily involved in the local community and school fundraisers, and the fantasy of just about every straight, horny male in town.

“Whatever, I guess,” said Jack. The three of them rounded the corner onto his street. As Jack’s house came into view, he could see that the topic of their conversation was standing outside, pulling down a couple of sheets drying on the clothesline.

Rebecca was a petite woman, with large breasts that looked even larger than they should have on her small frame. Her waist was trim, and her butt pushed out into in bodacious, eye-catching curves. All she had on at the moment was a thin nightgown that blew tantalizingly in the wind as she pulled laundry down from the line.

“Jesus, man,” whispered Jason. “You are so lucky.”

Jack turned his head to glare at him.

Lucky? Is that really what you think?

“That’s my mother you’re talking about, ass clown.” He shook his head and began to pedal a little faster, pulling into the front of the group. Rebecca saw the three of them coming and set the laundry basket down so she could wave. A gust of wind rolled through the street, and she pushed the bottom of her dress down and laughed, looking like a caricature of a 1950s pin up model.

“Hey sweetie,” she called. “How was the movie?”

“It was fine.” Jack’s voice was curt and emotionless. He turned back to his friends who were circling in the driveway on their bikes, almost like jackals zeroing in on an easy kill.

“Do your friends want to come in for a minute?” His mom smiled at Jason and Mitch behind him. “I made some cookies if you guys aren’t already overstuffed on popcorn.”

“That sounds great, Mrs. Burrows,” said Jason. Jack shot his friend a look and shook his head slightly.

“I know how hungry teenage boys can get, from experience,” said Rebecca. “You appetites are just insatiable!”

I wish she would stop being so oblivious to the way they look at her…

“Jason and Mitch actually have to get going,” said Jack. “Isn’t that right, guys?”

Grudgingly, his two friends nodded and started to pedal their bikes back down the street.

“Uh, yeah, we have to go,” said Jason. “See you later, Jack. By, Mrs. Burrows.”

“Bye, boys!” Rebecca waved to the two of them, letting go of her gown and not trying to stop it as the wind blew it up again, causing a quick flash of her blue panties to become visible for a split second. Jack stepped in front of her, as though trying to block his friend’s view with his body. He didn’t relax until they had rounded the corner.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Rebecca walked over to him and set her hand on his shoulder. It was an innocent gesture, but it only made Jack feel even more annoyed, both by the behavior of his friends and his mom’s unyielding flirtatiousness.

“Nothing’s wrong, mom,” he said with a sigh.

At least nothing that I can talk to you about, anyway.

Rebecca shrugged and walked back over to the clothes. One of her bras had fallen off the line in the wind, and as she bent low to pick it up, her butt came directly into Jack’s view. He forced himself to turn away.

“If you do end up getting hungry, there are cookies like I mentioned before, along with plenty of leftovers from dinner. Your father had to work late again tonight, so it was just lonely old me at the table.”

“Again?” Jack scratched his head and walked over to give her a hand.

That’s the third time this week…

“Again,” said his mom. “Not that I’m complaining. He’s been in a weird mood lately.”

Jack remembered the week before when she and his father had gotten into an argument over his late nights out. Jack understood exactly where she was coming from, and harbored his own concerns about his dad’s behavior.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say that he’s cheating on her. He’s been drinking more lately, too.

“He’s probably just working late, like he said, mom.” Jack kept his real opinion to himself, both out of love and necessity. Even if he’d had real evidence of it, he wasn’t sure if he’d tell his mom and force her to go through that kind of pain.

Rebecca had married Jack’s father, Lance, only a couple of short months after his birth. She was the only mother that he’d ever known and had always gone out of her way to put the needs of her family, his needs, first.

“You’re probably right,” she replied. “And it’s not as though I mind having time to myself. I think I’m getting a preemptive taste of empty nest syndrome, and it really just means that I have more time to read and knit.”

She smiled at him and leaned over the other side of the laundry hamper. Her gown was just loose enough for her cleavage to come into view, offering Jack another confusing glimpse that he had to try to turn away from.

She needs to put on something that covers her up a little more. This is just weird, to see her so exposed.

Jack coughed into his hand and started helping her pull down pillow cases off the clothes line. The summer breeze was picking up a little more, but the night sky was still brilliantly clear.

“I think I’m going to take my telescope out after I eat,” he said. “I haven’t seen viewing conditions like this in at least a week or two.”

His mom smiled at him. She had been the main reason why he’d gotten the telescope in the beginning. Jack had always had a strong interest in the stars, but his dad had been staunchly against putting up the money to get him the equipment he needed to make it a real hobby. It had been Rebecca who’d gone out and made the purchase, much to Lance’s frustration, and given the telescope to Jack as a gift.

“That sounds like an excellent way to spend the night,” said his mom. “If you see anything good, let me know.”

She brushed a couple of strands of hair out of her face and lifted the basket into the air, the bottom lip of it catching underneath her breasts and pushing them up.

Jack went inside with her and headed straight for the kitchen. Rebecca had left a plate of food out for him on the counter, and he took it into the living room, eating it as he went. The family lived in a spacious two-story house, renovated several years ago. There was more space than they had ever really needed, and both of his parents had put time and money into decorating it just so.

He was a little surprised that his dad still wasn’t home as he finished his food and set his plate into the dishwasher. Lance Burrows was an architect for a large construction company, and usually his work was not of the kind to keep him late.

Given the way things have been lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s avoiding mom.

Jack pushed the thoughts out of his head and made a quick trip upstairs to grab his telescope. His mom was in her room sprawled out on the bed, an open book in one hand and a glass of red wine within reach of the other.

The summer had been going by quicker than Jack had expected. As he made his way back outside and onto the front lawn, he couldn’t stop himself from musing about what the fall would hold. He’d gotten accepted into several colleges, and the one that he’d finally settled on was on the other side of the country from his family’s northern New Hampshire estate.

Things can’t stay the same forever. That’s just a fact of life.

He set the telescope down in its usual spot, on the lawn that his parents forced him to keep neatly trimmed and maintained. Mars was out and easily visible to the naked eye, and Jack picked out the right lens to bring it into focus and slipped it into the bottom of the cylinder.

The wind was still blowing, softly now, with just enough chill to make the hair on Jack’s arm tighten up. He leaned forward and looked down into the telescope’s viewfinder.

There’s Mars, and…

Jack squinted as the metal casing of the lens pressed against the ridge of his eye. He could see a strange object next to the familiar red planet, so alien and bold against the dark backdrop of the sky.


It was moving across the sky, and getting bigger. It took Jack a second to realize and accept what that meant.

My god!

The object began to glow around the edges, and for a moment Jack could see what looked like a newly born star in the sky. The color shifted from shining bright white to a neon orange tint, so bright that Jack could feel his pupils burn. Slowly, as if forcing himself out of a trance, he pulled his face away from the telescope.

His heart was beating with the intensity of a racehorse in the midst of losing a race, desperate to go faster than physically possible. Jack turned toward the house on unsteady legs, feeling adrenaline and tension take a firm hold over him.

“Mom… Mom!” He ran towards the door of the house and threw it open. “Mom! Get out here! We…”

Jack trailed off as he looked back up towards the sky.

That’s a fucking asteroid, and it’s headed straight for Earth!

The thought had a strangely surreal overtone to it, dreamlike and hollow. Rebecca ran down the stairs towards Jack, and all he could do as she walked over to him, smiling and oblivious and still dressed in her tiny gown, was point up to the sky.

“Oh my…” Rebecca could see it at a glance.

It’s so much bigger than it just was!

He took a deep breath , blew it out quick, and felt his survival instincts kick in.

“Come on!” Jack grabbed his mom’s hand and pulled her through the house. The door to the cellar was on the other side of the living room, and he threw it open and took only enough time to pull the cord switch for the lights as he made his way down.

“Jack, what was that?” Rebecca squeezed her son’s hand . “It must have been a plane, or a satellite, or something, right? That must have been-“

“We don’t have time!

He was right. All this time, he’s been right.                           

Jack led his mom over to the corner of the house’s sublevel. A thick metal door, complete with a combination lock circular handle, was set into an even thicker looking metal frame. Jack scrambled to spin in the correct numbers, thanking his luck as he twisted the handle and felt it give way.

“Get inside, mom!” Jack pushed himself out of the way and pulled her towards the passage. She was shaking her head slightly, as if the most hopeful part of her was still insisting that her son had misinterpreted the situation.

Jack looked towards the open front door of the house. The asteroid had dropped even further, moving into view on the horizon. He gritted his teeth and stepped into the passageway, pushing the heavy door into it behind him and then following his mom.

Dad insisted on this shelter. Just in case something like this ever happened.

“It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it,” he whispered under his breath. Rebecca turned to face him, her expression still a mask of confusion.

“Jack, why are we down here?” she asked. “This can’t-“

The ground suddenly jumped underneath them, sharp and intense. It was enough to knock the two of them cleanly off their feet and bounce them around on the ground, like freshly popped corn jumping up from the frying pan. Jack covered his head with his hands, listening to the sound of his mother screaming as his body collected bruises from the impacts against the wall and the ground.

It went on for what felt like an eternity, but must have only been a couple of seconds. Jack had enough time to start to pick himself up when more shaking commenced, starting gentler than it had before but building with every second.

BOOK: After the Fall: Close and Confined (Taboo Erotica) (Eden Harem Book 1)
12.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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