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Go on ahead, Parker said to Bob and the preacher. I want to make sure Sage and Hawk have a little more time to rest before heading back.

Ill keep my eye on the marshalls office, John said. The boy had become a man.

Take as long as you need, Waller said and tipped his hat.

Yeah, the man had changed, and she hoped it lasted. She watched the posse disappear into the night with the understanding the men would spend at least one night in the mountains. How strange, but the thunder had ceased its roar and had taken the threat of rain with it.

Sage glanced down at Hawk. He breathed heavily but not worse than before. Im going to spend the rest of my life taking care of you. Thats the least I can do for you for saving my life.

Parker wrapped his arm around her waist. Id like to do the same for you.

Sages stomach did a little flip. Parkers promise to Tall Elk repeated in her mind, along with what theyd talked about earlier today. I dont want to be a bounty hunter any longer. Her words were more of a whisper than a declaration.

So youd trade the life of a bounty hunter to be Mrs. Parker Timmons?

Her mouth had turned dry; the idea of a new life both excited and frightened her. Not sure how Id manage in political and social gatherings.

Youll do just fine. And you can have all the pet wolves, wildcats, and hawks that you want. He lifted her chin and placed a light kiss on her lips. I love you. There could never be anyone for me but you. I dont know where God is leading me or us, but I cant take another step without you in my life. Will you ease this heart of mine and marry me, Sage Morrow?

No doubts plagued her mind. All she could see was a future with a man she loved. She shivered. I think Ive loved you from the moment I saw you walking down the street of Rocky Falls. Yes, Ill marry you and help you be the best marshal or politician Colorado has ever known.


, C

, 1892

enator, a messenger has arrived, stating you are needed at home immediately.

Parker glanced up from the legal documents awaiting his signature to the anxious aide before him. He focused on the clock on the fireplace mantel: 2:00. The baby must be coming. Would you kindly get my carriage ready?

Ive already tended to it, Senator.

Parker stood, a grin spreading across his face. He remembered Sage handing him his morning coffee and making her announcement. Expect a messenger at two this afternoon. Your daughter will be here before supper.

Are you sending Hawk?

Not this time. Ill be more proper since I know were having a girl.

He kissed her soundly, wrapping his arm around her swollen waist. And after three sons, youre sure this one is a girl?

Without a doubt. So make sure youre here on time. Your daughter will be very demanding.

I will, Mrs. Timmons. He kissed her again, taking the time to enjoy her soft lips. Will Melanie Elizabeth have a way with animals, like her mama?

She just might. The boys have already started a menagerie, and she may need to stand on her own against them.

I suspect she will learn fast and have her papa in the palm of her hand just like her mama does. He toyed with a pearl on her necklace. Weve come a long way together, Sage. Have I ever thanked you for marrying me?

Sage smiled. Many times. But you can again.

You are my joy. I will spend every day of the rest of my life thanking God for bringing you to me. Nothing I am today or ever will be is possible without you beside me.

We have hope, my love. Hope and dreams from a God who is faithful. What more could we ever want?

He kissed her lightly, remembering how hed fallen in love in the Rocky Mountains with a woman called Sage.

Special thanks to: Louise Gouge; Mona Hodgson; Barbara Oden; the Colorado Historical Society; and Dean, who always edits me with flair.

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BOOK: A Woman Called Sage
8.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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