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She’d suddenly thought of Mark, a guy who’d been trying to
get her to go out with him for almost a year now. He was exactly the type of
guy that she thought she was looking for, but for some reason, she had yet to
agree to a date. Maybe, deep down, it was because he couldn’t compare to Isaac.

“Please stop fighting me, Daphne. I love you more than
anything on this Earth. And I’d give anything to have you willingly. Anything,”
he said, reaching out to stroke her cheek.

 When he talked like that she couldn’t think. She’d known the
moment he touched her that she was still achingly attracted to him. And now,
with his cool skin sliding against hers, her thoughts scattered even more.

“Help me find the murderer,” she said as his head began to
dip toward hers. When he paused, she had to struggle to remember what she’d
just asked. Find the murderer, the one killing the children. Yes, that’s what
she needed, and maybe, secretly, that’s why she’d let the night creep over her.
To find Isaac and get him to help her.

“As you wish,” he whispered. Then his arms were around her
again and the room shifted. Suddenly they were standing in a bedroom lit by
candlelight. A giant canopied bed fit perfectly in the expansive space. Daphne
barely noticed all the rich details as Isaac bent to kiss her.

“Isaac! I’m not just falling into bed with you after you
kidnapped me! And I can’t be your forever love!” she said, almost incoherent.
She was being seduced, with the beautiful rooms and the dogs and the promises
of vengeance. Things were moving too fast, making her feel out of control and
confused, and at the core of it all was her fear of trusting, and being
trusted, with someone else’s heart

Isaac sighed gustily, redirecting his kiss to her forehead.

“Alright, Daphne, how about we try it this way; let’s pretend
that this is the night I told you I was a vampire,” he began. Daphne frowned
suspiciously. She was definitely still in lust with Isaac, and he’d never done
anything to make her distrust him, other than the stalking thing, which, to be
honest, was kind of flattering. She might be open to pretending things were
different for the moment. She relaxed a bit as he smiled crookedly down at her.
“You were falling for me, and I was falling for you. Every date we had before
that night ended in a kiss.” A steamy, deep, mind-bendingly erotic kiss if you
asked Daphne. She felt an involuntary pulse between her legs at the memory and raised
her eyes to his lips. “The night you left we would have done much more than
kiss. There would not have been talk of a future no one can really predict.
Just two people falling in love, and ready to show it.”

His words had driven all thought of kidnapping,
commitment-phobia, and murderers from her mind. She glared at the words
“falling in love”, ready to argue, but got sidetracked when his full lips
finally dropped to hers. Her traitorous body was apparently ready to continue
what they’d started five years ago.

His lips were smooth and firm, molding to her own, parting
and molding again. He pulled her more fully against him, his broad chest
pressing against her breasts, their hips grinding smoothly together, his
muscled thigh pressing subtly between hers. She finally opened her hands and
stroked them over his shoulders, then down his trim waist, down further to cup
the backside she’d been ogling earlier. Yep, just as firm and luscious as she
remembered. He grinned briefly against her mouth then kissed her again, his
tongue lapping gently against the sensitive seam in her lips, parting them and
sliding deeper when she moaned in pleasure.

His large hands roamed her sides, lifting her shirt and
finally touching the skin of her back. This time her moan was louder. God! The
feel of his cool hands against her overheated flesh brought a rush of desire
straight between her thighs.

ri, I’ve needed you for so long! I’ve
ached to have you beneath me...” Isaac groaned, tearing his own shirt off
before lifting hers carefully over her head.

“Yes! I dreamed of you every night.” She admitted softly. “Please,
please, I need you,” she said, realizing then how much she’d missed him. How
much she’d regretted leaving him, and how glad she was that the choice to
return to him had been taken out of her stubborn hands. And this was all just
pretend, right? She hadn’t actually committed to anything, had she? The sight
of Isaac’s chest and chiseled abs seared her thoughts down to the need to see
the rest of him as they moved in a slow dance toward the bed, shedding the rest
of their clothes.

Isaac pulled her to him when they were both naked, his
enormous erection, the warmest part of his cool body, was pressed hard against
her belly and made her gasp. She’d thought he’d be above average considering
his height, but this... His fingertips dug into her skin and the slight prick
of claws made her breath suck between her teeth as he drew them slowly down her

“I will try to be gentle, but I have waited so long...” he
said thickly as she met his eyes. His pupils had elongated like a cat’s and his
accent had grown deeper as he spoke through long fangs, now glinting behind his

Vampires were incredibly erotic beings, at once predatory and
sensual. And this gorgeous creature was wound tight with arousal and ready to

“Don’t be gentle, I just need you to fuck me,” she whispered.
Shocked by her own words, she nearly apologized, but Isaac didn’t give her a
chance. His smile of pleasure revealed the full length of his sharp canines as his
hands curved around her ass, lifting her up to straddle his waist.

“It would be my pleasure,” he growled. His mouth dropped to
hers again, his tongue tangling and sucking her own. The last five years melted
away beneath his expert touch. All the anticipation and lust she’d felt five
years ago rang as clearly in that moment as it had on those long ago days. She
needed him so badly that she began to writhe against the hard plane of his
stomach, trying to relieve the ache he’d stoked between her legs. Then the
world spun as he laid her on the bed.

 Isaac’s teeth scraped her throat as he kissed the column of
her neck. She arched her back in response as his mouth trailed lower. His lips
and tongue laved the slope of her breasts, and the fine claws that emerged from
his fingertips scratched lightly in their wake.

By the time his mouth reached the core of her, she’d become
mindless with desire, her hands gripping his silky hair as she pressed him

“Please...” she begged, watching his wicked smile finally dip
between her thighs.

The sensation of his slick tongue gliding across her clit
made her moan in boneless pleasure. His hands grasped her thighs below the
knee, lifting and spreading her open to him. His grow eyes snapped open and she l of approval was so low
and animalistic that she felt its rumble in her chest. Her breath caught as the
growl turned into a purr against the petals of her sex as his tongue plunged
into her and his lips pressed and suckled in turn. His fangs slid suggestively
against her skin making Daphne’s thighs tremble with the conflicting urge to
pull away and drag him closer.

She felt the burn of climax starting to rise in her and
squeezed her eyes shut, focusing on Isaac’s mouth and the ecstasy it was
bringing her. Then she tipped over the edge.

Her eyes snapped open and she met Isaac’s gaze as the waves poured
over her.

“Oh, yes!” she shouted, breathing hard and trying to drag him

Dieu, oui
!” Isaac whispered against her skin before
rising above her. He palmed his thick cock before lowering himself to kiss her
once more. She ran her nails down his smooth back and gripped his taught
buttocks the second before he plunged into her. The sensation of being filled
made her gasp and nearly draw away, but Isaac caught her hair, palming the back
of her head and guiding her back to his seeking lips as he began to rock inside

,” he whispered brokenly against her mouth
as he hooked one of her legs with his arm and spread her wider for his thrust.
“Take me.”

He was dominating her, fucking her just as she’d asked.
Daphne had never felt this good before. Never felt such pleasure as Isaac
worked her body like a finely tuned machine. She threw her head back against
the pillow as another climax built in her.

“Yes! Take me, please!” she cried. God, how she’d wanted him!
And to finally have every part of him, to know his body so intimately, was more
amazing than she could ever have dreamed.

Isaac’s mouth was on her throat again, she was peaking
faster, just about to cum when the sharp slide of his fangs in her skin drove
her that last step. It was the best orgasm she’d ever had, consuming her with
euphoria. The sensation engulfed her entire body, from his cock pulsing deep
inside her with his own orgasm, to the drawing slide of his fangs in her vein.
It was all pleasure. No wonder there were hoards of girls who pursued vampires
so zealously. If this was how good they all were in bed, she’d be hard pressed
not to become addicted too.

She was fluttering back down to Earth, landing back on the
velvet covered bed with Isaac as he gently licked her neck and sealed the wound
he’d made. She was truly boneless, with barely enough strength to breathe in
the scent of Isaac’s hair, which was super yummy. Everything felt right with
the world. She hadn’t been this at peace in...years. Her fluttering descent
back to reality ended in a thump. Shouldn’t she still be annoyed at him? True,
she was the one who sort of wrecked their relationship in the first place, but
to wreck it and, damn it, she should have to live with the
consequences. Shouldn’t she? Or was she really just relieved from her
subconscious on out that Isaac had forgiven her and taken her back...

She didn’t know.

When Isaac finally lifted his head from her neck, she watched
him carefully, waiting for her usual need to avoid emotional commitments to surface.
But she really didn’t feel like running. She felt like....sleeping. Or maybe
snuggling. She frowned suspiciously, wondering if he’d put some kind of vampire
whammy on her to make her his slave. But the annoyance was easy enough to
muster. She didn’t feel like a Stepford wife.

At her frown Isaac raised his brows at her. “I did ask first.
Sort of...are you angry because I bit you, ch
ri?” Isaac asked with concern, shifting his hips in a slow role, letting
her feel the still hard length of him inside her.

She felt her eyes cross a little before snapping back to his
wicked grin as he propped himself on his elbows above her.

“Not really, as long as it’s not going to turn me into your
Renfield, or something,” she replied, squeezing him back and watching his eyes
lose focus for a moment. Now it was her turn to grin. She and Isaac had always
had an easy relationship. It really did feel like time had just started back up
from where they’d left off. As long as he left the “L” word out of it, she
might actually consider dating him again.

“Renfield? This is reality, not the movies, you know,” he
said. He was slowly rocking side to side, brushing her nipples with his chest.
Daphne shrugged, bouncing the round globes of her breasts and making him drop
his gaze in fascination.

“How should I know what your kind is capable of? You can
teleport, after all,” she said, starting to really enjoy their little game.

“Indeed. Well I wouldn’t want you to continue with any
mistaken beliefs about us. Perhaps it’s time that I show you what we’re truly capable
of...” he murmured. His eyes flashed in the dim room before his head dipped
back to her mouth with a groan.



Daphne woke in her own bed to the sound of her alarm singing
and vibrating on her dresser. She flopped around blindly in the perpetual
twilight created by her blackout shades and was finally able to get her hands
on the phone before it rattled itself onto the floor.

She blinked in confusion at the pale lavender walls of her
bedroom. Where was the castle, and the enormous bed, and the seductive vampire
lover? Daphne tossed her blankets down as though Isaac might have been hiding
under them, then she peeked under the bed for good measure. For a split second
she told herself she’d dreamed it, but the ache between her legs was proof

Isaac had finally caught up to her, but for some reason he’d
taken her home again -crossing her obviously useless wards, no less - instead
of keeping her at his awesome castle. Why?

The answer was written on a sheet of honest-to-god vellum in
a script so curly and elegant that it was almost illegible.

Daphne picked up the sheet of paper that her phone had been
resting on, trying not to grin at the page, as she quickly attempted to
decipher it.


Dearest Daphne,

It was an unmatched, but faltering strength that I called
upon to part with you this morning.

I shall dream of you all the hours of the day.

Until we meet again at your office, dusk tonight.

Yours always,

BOOK: A Kiss Beneath the Veil
4.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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